Newsletter, 12/10/2014

Hello Friends:

This time of year is full of joy, magic and hope.

So let’s get to work of those resolutions NOW so that we can feel them developing through this festive time of the year. And, being with family and friends gives us the desire and will power to make change RIGHT – things are changing so we should manage that change to our GPS not to someone or something else?

I am going to share my Resolutions – I do this in quarters for a couple of reasons:

I believe – well let’s use the climb a mountain metaphor – we need to get to base camp 1 to get to base camp 2 to get to 3 and then reach base camp 4, which in this case is the mountain top of a yearlong “plan”.

There are so many categories in which to set goals that is I stretch myself too far out and I lose sight and even the ability to to make them achievable.

However, always starting with the end in mind, I will describe and visualize this time -December 2015 – then set base camp 1, specific goals with daily and weekly actions.

My mission or goal is to live this coming year within full integrity and to make a difference in the lives of others. To fulfill this mission I have clarity. I seek out each one regardless of their situation.

  • I sacrifice and I will devote my time, talents & resources to my mission.
  • I will inspire, I teach by example
  • I will be impactful, what I do makes measurably a difference in people’s lives.

The following roles take priority in achieving my mission:

  • Dale is the most important person in my life and together we will contribute the fruits of harmony, industry, charity, and thrift.
  • With my puppies I will progressively seek greater joy in their life.
  • As a daughter I am frequently there for support & love.
  • God can count on me to keep my covenants and to serve his other children.
  • My neighbors will see that the love of Christ is visible in my actions.
  • I will be a Change Agent and a Catalyst for developing high performance in large organizations.
  • As a scholar – I learn important new things every day.

Thought I would share the following article (and cartoons) to help you through the process of your New Years Resolutions.

Feel free to contact me at if I can, in any way, help you with your New Years Resolutions,

Make the most of every minute!

Michele Foster

The 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions and How They Can Make You Rich

new-years-pictureIn less than 24 hours, the ball at Times Square in New York will drop and 2013 will be no more. This also means it’s that time of year when millions of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions that often revolve around their own health or well-being.

For a moment, let’s put aside the fact that a vast majority of those who attempt to change themselves for the better through New Year’s resolution will fail within the first couple of weeks, and instead focus on that percentage of the population who will be eating healthier and living better in the new year. That, right there, could be your recipe to riches.

With that in mind, let’s use a recent Harris Poll that examined the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions to find a few ways that these resolutions could help lead you to a happy retirement… if that’s your New Year’s resolution, of course.

Here are the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions, according to Harris, and some intriguing ways to prosper from them:  Read more…

Small Town Couple Become Isagenix Millionaire

Joni & Todd BTodd and Joni B. are high school sweethearts who live in the same small Washington logging community they grew up in. Just hard working people with the No. 1 goal of raising their three boys to be happy and productive, life was always a struggle financially because the local sawmill was their major source of income.

While Joni worked stints as a waitress, a mill worker and small franchise owner, ultimately her focus was raising her kids. She had always been a positive, happy person, but the stresses of raising their sons and struggling with her weight and finances for years began to take a toll. She began to lose her bright personality and describes it as losing her “happy.”

Read more…

9 Day Melt Down Program

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10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

new-years-resolution-dollsThere’s an inevitable rhythm to January 1 at my house. I take down the tree, vacuum up pine needles, and start making my New Year’s resolutions. The list usually looks like this: Lose weight. Swear off TV and saturated fat. Eat salads. Call Dad more. Write that novel. Floss. By midday I’m worn out, intermittently dozing in front of a football game and swiping my husband’s million-calorie nachos.

It’s not that I totally lack discipline. It’s just that I don’t sufficiently appreciate what’s going on in my brain, explains Joseph Shrand, M.D., an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Self-restraint is a rational desire, which means it lives in the front of the brain, the section that’s most recently evolved and most vulnerable to being overruled by survival instincts. Pleasure resides in the brain’s most primitive part, which has spent millions of years learning to reward us with a deeply satisfying jolt of dopamine when we give in to these kinds of urges. And while that brain circuitry evolved to encourage life-prolonging desires like eating and sex, says Dr. Shrand, we now get a rush from giving in to anything we want, whether it’s an illicit drug, chocolate, or buying expensive purple peep-toe boots, even when the more evolved part of our brain tells us we’ll quickly regret it.

So how do you help the rational (i.e., your New Year’s resolutions) triumph over the pleasure-seeking? Read more…

Small Town Couple Become Isagenix Millionaires

Todd and Joni B. are high school sweethearts who live in the same small Washington logging community they grew up in. Just hard working people with the No. 1 goal of raising their three boys to be happy and productive, life was always a struggle financially because the local sawmill was their major source of income.While Joni worked stints as a waitress, a mill worker and small franchise owner, ultimately her focus was raising her kids. She had always been a positive, happy person, but the stresses of raising their sons and struggling with her weight and finances for years began to take a toll. She began to lose her bright personality and describes it as losing her “happy.”

Not long after, her girlfriend Shauna told her about Isagenix and how it could help with some of her struggles, but she couldn’t listen. She just didn’t think she could go down the road of trying to lose weight again. Plus, getting involved in the business just seemed like too much, the timing wasn’t right. She was already too overwhelmed with her own issues and had no energy to put effort into it.

It wasn’t until she stepped onto the basketball court at one of her son’s games for parents’ night that she had a wake-up call. She was embarrassed about how she looked and she wondered what she was doing to herself. Fortunately, her friend Shauna had been persistent for 21 months and Isagenix quickly came to mind as a possible solution. Initially, with her first system, she lost 11.25 pounds* which gave her hope. She says cleansing wasn’t easy or hard; just incredibly doable.

“I didn’t understand Isagenix at first because I didn’t know what cleansing was. If I couldn’t make good eating decisions for two days on my own, how was I going to be able to cleanse for two days?” shares Joni with a laugh. “But when I started the cleanse, I just knew I had to stick with the system. Every day got better and I got stronger.”

As she used the products, she knew she was going to start the business, it made way too much common sense. She was convinced that the results were enough for people to get on board.

“We have a clean, powerful system created by a passionate formulator (Founder John Anderson) and one that people really need,” says Joni. “The strength in leadership also goes beyond what someone would need to feel secure and our compensation plan rewards proper behavior. Thank you, Jim and Kathy Coover.”

While her Isagenix business began to get off the ground, she hit an incredible milestone on the scale; she lost 100 pounds.* Soon, she was on her way to getting her “happy” back.

Her initial goal with her Isagenix business was to make $6,000 a month like her friend Shauna.** But that ended up being just the beginning, especially after her husband encouraged her and helped her believe in herself even more. She attributes her success to not only that support, but also “just being a good girlfriend and doing the right thing.”

“I kept it simple and real. I just focused on sharing girlfriend to girlfriend,” says Joni. “I kept myself available and always growing in what was happening with the company. That was my responsibility to myself and to anyone else I brought into the business. I believe your team’s success should always be your No.1 goal.”

With her success, she set bigger goals such as being able to help her husband leave his 30-year career at the sawmill. Soon, she was earning in one month what her husband made in a year** and the extra income allowed him to walk away from the sawmill at age 50, more than a decade before his expected retirement.

In early 2009, the pair hit $1 million in cumulative earnings and were named the 30th Isagenix millionaires. The couple is passionate about network marketing, which they call “the last frontier for everyday people to achieve extraordinary wealth.” Now they’re focused on leaving their leadership legacy and helping their teams experience the same success by being responsible coaches, mentors and friends. They’ve already helped to create seven six-figure earners within their teams and they’re not stopping there.

“That’s what I truly love giving people today: hope with their health and hope with their wealth,” says Joni. “I feel like my job is to empower people. I want people to walk away from a meeting with me or a phone call and say they can do it, too.”

All three of the boys love and use the Isagenix products and help each other with the business center they are growing. Joni loves to see the growth they are experiencing with their own residual incomes.

“Isagenix has helped me to grow in every area of my life. When someone can take away the financial stress, it allows them to do more of what I believe most people love to do and that means to give of yourself and your time to others,” says Joni. “I can focus on family, friends and empowering others. That’s what really lights me up.”

Joni says she’s been honored to receive the “Women of Isagenix” Award for her dedication, the “Spirit of Isagenix” Award for her determination and attitude, and is humbled to be one of the top 25 income earners in the company. Her biggest tip for success is that this is a business so treat it as such. She finds it best summed up by something her friend Shauna just shared with her.

“You can be interested and you will do what is convenient, or you are committed and you will do what ever it takes,” shares Joni.

She’s incredibly grateful for the relationships she and her husband have made through their Isagenix team and says she believes it’s because of everyone working together that they’ve achieved such amazing success. She’s quick to point out that it’s not out of reach for others as they’re watching it happen throughout their entire team.

“Isagenix isn’t just creating satisfied customers; it’s creating raving fans. That’s why the company grew by 30 percent last year while everyone else around us didn’t,” says Joni. “Isagenix is such a ‘win win’ for everyone.”

The individuals pictured are actual Isagenix Associates and not paid models.

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Associates should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical incomes earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual business skills, personal ambition, timing, commitment, activity and demographic factors.


5 Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

Source: Rampton
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Is it being born a prodigy? Is it having a Type-A personality? Is it being an extrovert who spends all their time tinkering around on projects?

While some entrepreneurs have those traits, they rarely define the characteristics that make a majority of entrepreneurs. Not everyone is born with an intellect that will change the world. That student who couldn’t make it through college, like Bill Gates, is more likely to succeed than the lifelong overachiever.

So, if you’re not a born genius or overachiever, what personalities actually make-up entrepreneurs? Here are our five common personality traits that entrepreneurs possess.

1. Passion

For those uninitiated, entrepreneurs are not in it for the money. While there have been some icons who have made more cash than most of us we’ll dream of, think Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the reality is that most entrepreneurs work an insane amount of hours for little or nothing. Why would they put themselves through this? Because they are driven to either solve a problem or make easier.

How passionate are entrepreneurs? According to research conducted by Tony Tjan and co-authors Richard Harrington and Tsun-Yan Hsieh, 65% of founders have been identified as driven by “heart.” Tjan also added that most entrepreneurs are fueled “by an unshakable sense of purpose.”

Throughout all the trials and tribulations, entrepreneurs reward themselves internally by realizing that they’re on a mission for the greater good. No matter how bad it gets, it’s their passion that motivates them between paydays and during all the times when everyone else tells them to quit.

2. Resilience

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” As an entrepreneur, you’re going to fail. That’s just an unfortunate fact. While something that drastic would be too much for most people to handle, an entrepreneur has the uncanny ability to get up and dust themselves off. Instead of giving up, an entrepreneur will learn from their failures. What went wrong? How can I long from my mistakes? How can I succeed next time? These are the type of questions an entrepreneur will ask themselves. An entrepreneur doesn’t stay down when times get rough. They’re resilient and thrive off of the negativity.

If you need proof on the resilience of entrepreneurs, just look into the stories of successful entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Food or Thomas Edison. They all experienced setbacks during at some point to only become some of the most well-known and successful entrepreneurs in history.

3. Strong Sense of Self

Any entrepreneur will tell that there are numerous problems to overcome. Whether it be not securing enough funding, proving the naysayers wrong or facing the competition head on, it’s not easy being an entrepreneur. And, being passionate and resilient can only go so far. Which is why entrepreneurs also have an extremely strong sense of self.

For example, being self-confident and self-motivated are also key traits for most entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs don’t think that their idea could be good. They know it’s good. And, they’re going to be motivated enough to illustrate to others that it’s worth the time and money to go forward. While they also understand that they can’t do everything on their own, they realize that they are the only ones to make their idea a reality.

And, just how confident are entrepreneurs? According to a study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation on behalf of LegalZoom, “91% of entrepreneurs are confident that their businesses will be more profitable in the next 12 months.”

4. Flexibility

Being able to adapt to changes and challenges is crucial for any business. In fact, most entrepreneurs will inform you that their idea or business plan is drastically different than when it began. An idea may be brilliant, but in reality it isn’t effective. Entrepreneurs are flexible enough to make the adjustments to make that idea feasible. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are prepared and willing to modify their plan when new information arrives and when there are changes in circumstances.

A great example of being flexible would be the recent story behind Hyungsoo Kim and his company Eone, which is short for Everyone. Kim initially develop a wristwatch that featured braille. He quickly discovered that people want to be included and not have attention brought to their disability. So, he trashed the original plan and came up with a watch that would not only be worn by the blind, but even people with sight.

5. Vision

Entrepreneurs see opportunity everywhere. They’re innovators who are always on the lookout to either develop a new idea or improve an existing product or service. And, chances are that’s the main reason why they became an entrepreneur in the first place. At some point in their lives they noticed something that could be better. But, instead of just saying that something could be better wasn’t enough. They actually put a plan in motion. In other words, entrepreneurs have the ability to see the future before it happens.

I always say Entrepreneurs are inspired by things that have never been seen before, things yet to be discovered. You must have the vision that nobody else does. Then the vision to see it through.