Plan Prioritze and Produce

Plan out your day the night before so that your brain is already taking action. When the brain believes you can achieve is a real – so by planning out your next day the night before you’re the brain has engaged and when you awake it is not up discussion , you jump in and take action.

Writing this down will re enforce this “command” even better? When we write things down we commit to ourselves – it is like setting up a contract with oneself. You are also over 70% more likely to remember it because you wrote it. Write it don’t text it to yourself or type in into your computer, actually write it down and make a schedule for the next day. Putting it in a planner is a great way to measure your progress, while making that goal for the following day.

Prioritize what you do! I was taught a great acronym that I will share with you IPA. Income Producing Activity – is what should be planned and executed first. Why? So that it gets done and if “life “gets in your way which it will the most important things for your business will get handled, and over time you will have the success you are seeking. That consistency in doing your “IPA’s” income producing activities will get you to the success you are seeking!

Produce make it happen, work towards your goals don’t make your goals to work!
Give yourself a result, an outcome, what do you want? You have to be very clear on what your business is and is it producing – this must be the top priority and over time and it really will not take long if you have a “routine” you will see measurable results. It’s consistency and persistence that achieves success always, so setting up the system to achieve that will make your business, your time, and you’re successful as well as balanced.
The ability to get distracted is understated and then adds to it the “chatter” that we cause in our minds to provide evidence of why we are not succeeding. By planning, and prioritizing you will be productive and have a balance in life. There are so many ways we are being “pulled” and so often when we work from home we let that “pull” direct our day. This is a recipe for failure in your business. IPA’s will get you excited and change your “state” as you continue to see more and more good things happening that affect your business in the way you want .

What IF…

For a couple of weeks your plan out the night before Sunday thru Thursday nights plan your work schedule . . . record these plans by writing them down in your planner starting with first things first – planning your income producing activities for the first hour or two of your work day. Visually see what you are doing and record the results you are achieving by each activity. Make sure you record the amount of time you spend on the IPA’s – why? Because you can affect your growth or lack of . . . Moe IPA”s more results – less well there is the evidence however it is fact based and not based on emotions. This will keep you running an amazing work day and accomplishing the important things no matter what happens in the course of the rest of your day, business or not- makes sense, right?

Peri Menopause – What causes weight gain during menopause?

Two events — menopause and the natural aging process – coincide at this time. Menopause merely becomes the suspect because it happens, as many women notice weight gain. The actual cause of weight gain during menopause is aging. However, the symptoms of menopause do contribute to it.
Aging is associated with a slowing of the body’s metabolism
your metabolism actually starts to slow down sometime in your 30s
the reason for this decrease in your metabolism is a decrease in your muscle mass
you tend to lose a 1/2 pound of muscle a year after the age of 30. Between the ages of 30 and 70, you are likely to experience a 40 to 50% reduction in your muscle mass
loss of muscle mass decreases the rate at which your body uses calories
as you lose muscle mass, you gain weight in fat. If you do not change your eating routines, the same caloric intake is not going to burn off. Those unburned calories will be stored as fat
If you continue to eat as you always have and don’t increase your physical activity, you’re not likely to experience weight loss during menopause.
How do your menopause symptoms contribute to weight gain?

A majority of women experience protracted periods of stress and disturbed sleep during menopause. Stress and disturbed sleep have a significant impact on your weight.
When you are under stress, your body produces cortisol ….known as the stress hormone. Protracted stress results in high levels of cortisol in your body. High levels of cortisol in your body causes your body to store more fat. It also prevents your body from burning fat. In the presence of high levels of cortisol, regular exercise will not burn fat and you will not lose weight.
Protracted disturbed sleep leads to insulin resistance. It also leads to high levels of cortisol. High levels of cortisol brings about insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance, is a condition where the cells of your body become insensitive to insulin. Insulin is the key that unlocks body cells to allow glucose inside. Glucose provides your cells with energy. Your body makes glucose from the food that you eat. When your cells won’t ‘open’ for glucose, the glucose gets stored… fat. Insulin resistance also prevents fat loss. Even if you exercise daily, you will not lose weight.
How to lose weight during menopause

At the risk of sounding trite, weight loss during menopause does come down to diet and exercise, plus stress reduction. However…….you have to know HOW to diet and HOW to exercise. While diet does involve what you eat, another major component of diet is HOW you eat
include a stress reduction technique in your life. Do yoga or meditation, or some other stress reduction technique, regularly. This will help to modulate the cortisol level in your body. It will also help you to sleep better
eliminate all processed food from your diet. They contain sugar, which exacerbates insulin resistance. Eat only real food. Real food does not need labels – ie – unprocessed meat, fish, milk, eggs, legumes, fruits, grains and vegetables. You will find real food in the outer aisles of your supermarket. Stay away from foods in the inner aisles. They are the processed foods. Try to eat organic as much as possible
time management of eating – do not eat 3 meals per day. You should be eating something every 2-3 hours, during waking hours. Eat a smaller breakfast, lunch and supper, than you have been accustomed to eating. In between each meal, and also after supper, eat a healthy snack…ie a piece of fruit, nuts, yogurt etc
do not eat double carbohydrates in any meal. Do not eat bread with meals containing potatoes or rice or pasta. Eat just 1 of those carbs per meal. Another no – no is cereal and toast for breakfast. Just have one or the other
reduce your consumption of alcohol. Keep it to a minimum
do at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity/exercise every day. It is best to do it in the morning, if your schedule permits it. To achieve weight loss, the intensity level MUST be moderate. Do not do high intensity exercise for weight loss. You will lose more weight faster, if you can fit in 2 daily sessions of aerobic activity/exercise …. even if the second session is only for 15 minutes
I hope that you implement these steps. They will help you to achieve weight loss during menopause, and after it.


Have a Set Routine

Work from Home

Have a Set Routine

Why? So that it becomes effortless. The mistake we make is not setting up a routine and then we allow “emotions” to run our day . . . “I didn’t feel like doing that today” is a great procrastination tool.
What “emotional intelligence” tells us is set us a routine – get in to a “rhythm” so that your work day ‘flows’ and you each and every day are productive and satisfied.

We cannot always, in fact, most of the time, cannot predict how a business plan, or idea will play out, what we can expect from a consistent “rhythm” is the satisfaction of knowing you are doing it AND with persistence it will work, you will get the end result(s) you are seeking.
On a good day it is easy to “get it done” it is the other 364 days of the year that we need a rhythm that allows us to just “kick it in” .
In that routine, the privilege of working from home is you get to design your hour, day and week. It is vital to your success to access how your routine is working and do this frequently so it will be easy to make a change, hopefully before it becomes a habit.

How do we self evaluate?

Simply write everything down you do for a half a work day, Figure out how many priorities were accomplished, tasks fulfilled, ideas discovered, and minutes / hours wasted. BE KIND AND DELIBERATE TO YOURSELF . . .
They only person that will know and grow from this experience is YOU –so what do you have to lose except some wasted time. This is really exciting if you approach it with enthusiasm and desire.
Spend the second part of that day making the desired changes . . . plan your tomorrow from what you learned today. Celebrate that you are moving forward to a success “rhythm” one that will provide you more time freedom and joy because you will eliminate the things that are causing the distractions which causes the chatter which cause the fear and the procrastination tool.

Gathering Evidence

I have heard this said and I am a true believer that people spend so much time gathering “evidence” on why things are Not Working – that is becomes the self fulfilling prophecy of why I Can’t, I am not the lucky one, I’ll do it later the procrastination tools set in and they work all too well.

What If?

Your routine was designed by you, test by you, and working by you! What if that system, routine, rhythm, was so second nature to you that you just DID IT! Whether or not it was the best fell good day of your life or not
Whether or not life got in the way or not
Do you think that the routine, consistency every day will pay off – there is no doubt how it could not!
We hear this so much but do we really? The Only Thing Stopping You is You. .
If you really did hear it then the ability to reframe, recharge, plan and go will take You to that routine that will drive your success . . .

Routine is Set

Follow it and make sure it is what you can do and what you need to do for your success. Realize that you have family members that need you and that life WILL get in the way, allow for it – in fact- when you have a routine and that LIFE thing shows up you will handle it (of Course) and then naturally go back to your routine.