A Woman’s Balance

To create an enduring type of balance, we need to go deeper and positively affect our body’s chemistry with benevolent types of exercise, thought patterns, foods and hormones. Beyond those dies, we need to create a deeper solidity in ourselves. We need purpose, to feel even our humblest acts have meaning and that we are connected to spirit and to others. When we build these things into our daily practices, they begin to ripple out and affect other areas of our lives.

Do you know your exercise personality? Do you need the support of a group? A trainer? Do you prefer to work out alone? Or do you like a combination?

If you move your body or you simply diet to “lose weight” or “look good” you’ll inevitably get bored, rebel and frustrated that it doesn’t work. But if you cultivate your passion to move, you won’t have to force yourself to do it and you’ll eat healthy foods and do your supplemental workouts with much more enthusiasm-because they support your passion! So you might as well let yourself be at least a little wild and free and use your workout time as an opportunity t to surrender to the passion of being alive. The more you pour in to your practice, the more love will in turn start pouring into and out of you.

Maintaining Nutritional Balance

Maintaining balance with food is about as challenging as it is with exercise. No one can keep up the same regimen all the time.

Holidays, vacations, illness, work, family obligations or just boredom all have a way of wreaking havoc with your best intentions.

Besides, we all need to enjoy our food more.

Eat big meals when you need them and really savor them without guilt.

As you commit to living in balance, you’ll get better at reading your body’s signals and knowing what types and amounts of foods make you feel the best.

Eating for Equilibrium

Female bodies seen to thrive on several small meals a day, spaced evenly throughout the day. We don’t function well when we let ourselves get too hungry, then overeat, or eat too much of one sort of food – especially too much or too little fat carbs protein.

Although this may come as a surprise, one of the biggest mistakes women make is we don’t eat often enough. As we get older, or metabolism slows down ( largely due to lack of exercise) and our waistlines thicken (especially after menopause). Then we ten to eat less because we’re not so hungry or don’t want to put on more weight.

If we eat only two meals a day, we slow our metabolism down even more, feel sluggish and we don’t take in the nutrients our bodies need.

Choose proteins wisely.
Your body needs protein to repair and rebuild virtually all the tissue in your body. Protein also regulates blood sugar levels and help you (via a hormone called glucogen) convert stored fats in to fuel. Still, you need to choose your protein wisely.

Animal protein that’s high in fat and cholesterol will clog arteries and, over time, increase your risk of heart disease. High-fat meat and dairy products also contain the highest concentrations of xenoestrogens (toxic estrogens found in pesticides, which can promote breast and ovarian cancer. To digest animal protein, the stomach secretes a certain acid thought to pull calcium from the bones during the process.
Get your essential fatty acids.
The central nervous system, immune and cardiovascular systems all need essential fatty acids to function properly. Nutrient-dense fats from the “omega family” can ease PMS and menopausal symptoms, depression, add luster to hair, skin, nails-and help you lose weight! when the body is no longer starved of these nutrients, it more willingly transforms its stored fat into energy.

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