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Like so many women all over the world, I spent a great portion of my life feeling lonely.

One day I decided that I had been feeling sorry for myself long enough. I made a decision to get my life on track and spend the rest of my days empowering women and men to victory in their lives through their physical and financial health.

I am now paying it forward – If you would like this book as my gift to you, please contact me and it will be sent to with love through Amazon Prime! You will pay nothing at all.

To Your Health & Success.

Michele Foster
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Is Your Well Running Dry?

”I just graduated college with $100,000 in debt”, yeah people clap celebrate and even hug you. 🎉

“I just got a loan for $400,000 to buy my first home”, yeah people clap celebrate and even hug you. 🏡

“I just got a loan for $40,000 for a new car”, yeah people clap celebrate and even hug you. 🚗

That’s $540,000 in total debt most people are living in(add a few hundred thousand for those living in Southern California), but they are feeling good about it because they are being celebrated for it.

Now, go tell those same people you spent a few hundred dollars to start your own business…

“Whoa, are you sure?”
“What are you going to do if it doesn’t work?”
“Umm.. I don’t think those things really work”
“Do you think you can get your money back?”

Picture a bucket full of crabs with no lid… the crabs never escape the bucket. The moment a crab tries to get out of the bucket, the other crabs pull it back down.

Pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with and who is speaking into your life.

Ways to Increase Your Income

Looking for ways to boost your income? Maybe you are struggling to pay the bills, or you would like to meet your financial goals more quickly.

There are short-term income solutions… like getting a second, or maybe even a third job.

However if you know that you need more money and a long-term solution to your problem, you may want to consider a ‘side hustle’ and use your passions to help you earn money over the long-haul.  With the right ‘side hustle’ you might find yourself replacing the income source you currently count on, and building residual income.

A Side Hustle

A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. A side hustle is generally independent contractor work that provides a supplemental income.

One way to increase your income is to pursue a side hustle that you enjoy. This will likely start out as something that you do part-time while you are still working at your original job. However, if you are smart about it, you may be able to grow  a side hustle into something that brings in full-time income.

Create a Residual Income Stream

I am talking about residual income streams that work all the time, even when you’re asleep.

When it comes to residual income, you have to build a team of people interested in what you have to offer and then work with them, helping them build their own businesses… all the while generating residual income for you.

Make Money with Your Hobbies

My hobbies have for years revolved around health and wellness. To that end, years ago I studied, and obtained, my nutrition and fitness coach certifications.

Then I put my health and wellness passion – to good use. I started building a network marketing business promoting health and wellness.

I have been earning a living in network marketing for over 10 years. During that time I have built a brand, amassed an audience,  and generated residual income. Simply put I shared my passion (and hobbies) for health and wellness with family, friends and my social media audience.

If you are interested in learning more about how I turned my side hustle into full time compensation, and residual income, schedule call and we’ll chat.

Things that will cost more in 2019

From the desk of Michele Foster – I found this headline at

Illinoisans will pay more for gas, vehicle registration, cigarettes and parking after a bipartisan vote for $45 billion in new capital spending.

For that reason, I decided to share this article on other goods and services that will be increasing in 2019.

While 2018 was a good year for many — with relevantly high consumer sentiment across the board, a plethora of jobs and record high stock market gains — despite a few jitters along the way, you never know what a new year could bring.

But one thing is for sure, everyday things from your cable bill to your groceries will cost more.

Here’s a list of things that will go up in price next year.

1)      Food Prices

Shot of a young woman shopping in a grocery store

2)      Stamps/Postal Service

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA – August 16, 2013: Delivery vehicles parked at the United States Post Office in downtown Fort Collins. With almost 600,000 employees, the United States Postal Service is the second largest civilian employer in the United S

In October, the United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of potential price changes that will take effect Jan. 27, 2019. In the notice, the Postal Service proposed a slew of price increases that were later approved by PRC in November. The increases include Priority Mail Express prices, which will rise 3.9 percent, while Priority Mail will increase by 5.9 percent and first-class mail will rise by 10 percent. What’s more, the price of a “Forever” stamp is set to rise by 5 cents to 55 cents, a 10 percent increase.

3)      Medicare

Stethoscope and pen in doctor robe pocket. Concept Of The Global Healthcare, Medicine And Insurance

In October, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its 2019 premiums, deductibles and coinsurance amounts for the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. In the memo, the standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $135.50 for 2019, an increase of $1.50 from $134 in 2018. However, an estimated 2 million Medicare beneficiaries (about 3.5 percent) will pay less than the full Part B standard monthly premium amount in 2019 due to the statutory hold-harmless provision, CMS noted.

Medicare Part A inpatient hospital deductibles will also see an increase of $24 next year.

4)      Prescription Drugs

Prescription white pills

Prescription drug rates are expected to increase 4.92 percent in 2019, according to researchers from the health care improvement company, Vizient. In a statement Dan Kistner, senior vice president of Pharmacy Solutions for Vizient, said the two key themes they saw “were the continued growth of specialty pharmacy products as a share of total spending and the critical importance of ongoing, robust generic and biosimilar competition on restraining overall price growth.”

5)      Travel

travel to London by flight, airplane in the sky over Tower Bridge

Travel prices are expected to rise sharply in 2019, with hotels going up 3.7 percent and flights 2.6 percent, driven by both the growing global economy and rising oil prices, according to the Global Travel Forecast.

6)      Comcast rate increases

watching football on a wide screen

In November, Comcast announced its cable, phone and internet subscribers will see an average 3.3 percent increase on their bills beginning Jan. 1, 2019.  The rate increases are mainly due to the rising programming costs in both broadcast and sports. “While we try to hold costs down, price changes are necessary for a number of reasons, including the continually increasing costs associated with carrying the programming our customers demand, especially broadcast television and sports programming, which are the largest drivers of price increases,” Jennifer Bilotta, Comcast’s regional vice president, said in a statement.

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7 Signs You Don’t Make Enough Money

If you are constantly struggling to make ends meet, you may be facing a combination of problems. It can be frustrating to be in a financial rut and not be able to find a way out. You may think that you make decent money, but you are still struggling each month. You may be overspending or you may not make enough money. You may be overspending while not making enough to cover your basic needs. This can lead to real trouble. If you do not make enough to cover your bills, you will need to take steps now to increase your income. Even if you feel like you are too poor to budget, a budget can help you get back on track, and you can use these strategies to help you cope with being poor. Learn seven signs that you do not make enough money.

 You Are Using Your Credit Cards Every Month

One of the biggest signs that you have an income issue is that you are using credit cards towards the end of the month to cover all of your expenses. If you are running out of money during the month, or you are using credit cards to help you manage between paychecks, then you are most likely facing an income issue. At first, this may not seem as big, but as you run up your balance and your credit card payment goes up, the problem will only become worse. You need to stop using the credit cards as quickly as possible.

It may seem difficult to stop using your credit cards when you do not seem to have enough to cover your basic necessities. Switching to cash for your daily purchases can help you limit what you are spending. Leaving the card at home when shopping can help you cut back on impulse purchases too.

 You Run Out of Money at the Beginning of the Month

Every now and then, you can have a bad month where everything is super tight the last week or so. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet after the fifth of the month, then you are most likely facing an income crisis. This is a strong indicator of an income crisis because it demonstrates that there is not as much overspending going on. If you are barely able to pay your bills and you do not have enough left over to eat on, then you are not making enough money. You may feel like your paycheck is already spent before you receive it.

Finding a new job may be the best way to increase your income. However, taking on a second job or working side projects can help you pay down debt and build up an emergency fund so that you can do more than tread water. If this is going to be a long-term issue, then going back to school so that you can qualify for a higher paying job may be a good solution. As you improve your income, be sure to remember the lessons you learned while poor.

You Can’t Cover Your Bills

If you are choosing between which bills to pay, then you definitely have an income crisis. It is important to do something about this situation as quickly as possible. You may need to take on a second job to help you catch up. You should also look for ways to reduce your bills like moving to an area with lower rent or selling your car. Take the steps both in the short term and the long term to fix this situation.

Cutting your lifestyle means cutting back on the things you do across the board. It may mean taking your cell phone plan down to the bare minimum and canceling cable television. Instead of eating out, you should be cooking at home and sticking to a tight grocery budget. A night watching a movie may need to be a rental at home versus going to the theater. You can still enjoy life on a tight budget, but you need to be careful about how you spend your money.

There’s Nothing Else to Cut

When you look at your budget to find extra money, you cannot find anything else to cut. You are already doing without cable, you do not have a gym membership, and you never eat out. It can be very frustrating when you are choosing between eating and paying your electricity bill. If you have cut everything you can and you still cannot make ends meet then you have a serious income issue.

A bare-bones budget is more than just cutting your lifestyle. It means that you only spend on necessities and quit spending on luxuries altogether. This means instead of buying the steak at the grocery store, you go with the hamburger meat. It means that there is no eating out and you do not buy anything new unless you absolutely need it no matter how good the deal is. Generally, this is a short-term budget that can help you get by until you do something to improve your situation.

You Can’t Handle an Emergency

When you are stretched tight each month, it is difficult to put money aside in an emergency fund. If you are not able to handle an emergency, you may end up using your credit cards. Eventually, your credit card payments will grow large enough that they cripple you even more. If you do not have any extra money to save for an emergency fund each month, then you do not make enough money.

It may sound crazy to set aside money each month if you are struggling to get by, but having money to cover your emergencies can bring peace of mind and allow you to focus on other goals and issues. You can start with just an extra $50 a pay period and build up from there. Work to have between $1,000 and a month’s worth of income in your emergency fund.

 You Are Constantly Worried About Money

There is a difference between worrying about how to pay for an unexpected car repair and the sick knot in your stomach that never leaves as you worry about how to pay for groceries or cover the rent. If you are worried about money constantly, and it is keeping you awake at nights, you are likely not making enough money. Put some of the worries to good use and start making a plan that will turn your situation around.

A budget allows you to plan out your purchases ahead of time. An emergency fund allows you to cover unexpected expenses. If you are moving from financial crisis to crisis, you will not make traction on your goals. Utilizing these tools will make it possible for you to create and stick to a financial plan.

 You Are Not Reaching Your Financial Goals

If you are barely staying afloat and not making any progress on paying off your debt or saving money, then you are likely not making enough money. This situation may not be as serious as the other signs listed above, but it is still enough that you may want to take the steps you need to change your current situation. You may find yourself in this situation when you start your first job, and you don’t make as much as you thought you would. You need to address this before it becomes a more permanent problem.

Making a goal to get completely out of debt in a year may be a great one, but if you have close to $30,000 in debt and you only make $40,000, this may be impossible. Make sure the goals you are setting are achievable and specific. It may be paying off one credit card by the end of the year or it may be sticking to your budget while working on your debt. You can begin to make real changes in your finances a step at a time.

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