Design a work space that makes you happy, productive and self confident

Design a work space that makes you happy, productive and self confident – avoid clutter

Get Organized!

This will change not only your home business but your life ~

When we have a clutter it not only is space issue physically, also mentally  . . . you need to have the room to think, dream, expand, build belief and ideas~ while eliminating the past – where it is emotionally, home or professionally related.


What if?


You had this amazing work space you can call your professional space . . . and in it you see lots of hope, ideas, results, energy, productivity, space, beauty, imagination all this opens up to you when  you have cleared the past.


What of you have paper work, documents, etc. from a previous job or profession that you have filed I your office and have not looked at since you left there. Do you really need them if you haven’t used them in 1 year maybe in 2 or 3 or 10? I am not saying tax documents that MUST be kept for a minimum of 7 years in the United States; I am just talking about “stuff”. Maybe you are so full of the past that you can fill up the future. Shredding can be an emotional freeing experience as well as “cleaning it up”.

Make room for your future, design and plan it however it all starts with the actually clearing of the old and seeing that every day  – this I might add is a never ending process, put a system in to place for

  • How long it should be kept
  • Where it should be kept

While realizing please that this “clutter” did not happen overnight and it most likely not go away over night. Be careful not ot overwhelm yourself with this task and realize once you start purging it will become contagious J

Start with the space you will call “work from home” whether it be an area in your home or a room whatever you allocate for this distinction.

Give yourself a way to daily task the priorities – I use a white board in my office so that each Sunday prior to my week beginning I post my priorities and goals for that week.

I also make sure when I have achieved a goal for that week that I acknowledge it with a big V for victory across the task for goal so that I can visually see I am making progress towards my goals, dreams, desires, this is so important to honor and celebrate!!! If not you then who and what you will find ~ again~ this is contagious and you increase your clarity of others on honoring them and celebrating them rather than always on what needs to be done or what I did not get done.

Make the most important “income producing activities” the first things your work on in you business every day, why? Life gets in the way – unavoidable – however the MOST important incoming producing actives continually get accomplished and success becomes inevitable.

Remember: this is a process, a journey – enjoy it and realize it will take more than a day to organize, ( it did take a while to get disorganized) J

Let this expand to other areas, rooms of your home and life – what next needs to get organized? Kitchen, bedroom? See what happens when you clear out and design your intentions in to the bedroom, what positive things begin to change in your relationship . . . or business . . . or family

Make this fun – it is – I  like to call this refreshing and enlightening.


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