Have a Set Routine

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Have a Set Routine

Why? So that it becomes effortless. The mistake we make is not setting up a routine and then we allow “emotions” to run our day . . . “I didn’t feel like doing that today” is a great procrastination tool.
What “emotional intelligence” tells us is set us a routine – get in to a “rhythm” so that your work day ‘flows’ and you each and every day are productive and satisfied.

We cannot always, in fact, most of the time, cannot predict how a business plan, or idea will play out, what we can expect from a consistent “rhythm” is the satisfaction of knowing you are doing it AND with persistence it will work, you will get the end result(s) you are seeking.
On a good day it is easy to “get it done” it is the other 364 days of the year that we need a rhythm that allows us to just “kick it in” .
In that routine, the privilege of working from home is you get to design your hour, day and week. It is vital to your success to access how your routine is working and do this frequently so it will be easy to make a change, hopefully before it becomes a habit.

How do we self evaluate?

Simply write everything down you do for a half a work day, Figure out how many priorities were accomplished, tasks fulfilled, ideas discovered, and minutes / hours wasted. BE KIND AND DELIBERATE TO YOURSELF . . .
They only person that will know and grow from this experience is YOU –so what do you have to lose except some wasted time. This is really exciting if you approach it with enthusiasm and desire.
Spend the second part of that day making the desired changes . . . plan your tomorrow from what you learned today. Celebrate that you are moving forward to a success “rhythm” one that will provide you more time freedom and joy because you will eliminate the things that are causing the distractions which causes the chatter which cause the fear and the procrastination tool.

Gathering Evidence

I have heard this said and I am a true believer that people spend so much time gathering “evidence” on why things are Not Working – that is becomes the self fulfilling prophecy of why I Can’t, I am not the lucky one, I’ll do it later the procrastination tools set in and they work all too well.

What If?

Your routine was designed by you, test by you, and working by you! What if that system, routine, rhythm, was so second nature to you that you just DID IT! Whether or not it was the best fell good day of your life or not
Whether or not life got in the way or not
Do you think that the routine, consistency every day will pay off – there is no doubt how it could not!
We hear this so much but do we really? The Only Thing Stopping You is You. .
If you really did hear it then the ability to reframe, recharge, plan and go will take You to that routine that will drive your success . . .

Routine is Set

Follow it and make sure it is what you can do and what you need to do for your success. Realize that you have family members that need you and that life WILL get in the way, allow for it – in fact- when you have a routine and that LIFE thing shows up you will handle it (of Course) and then naturally go back to your routine.

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