Working from home has many Advantages

Working from home has many advantages to:
-quality of life
-financial life
-social life
– family
-health and fitness
-life vision
-love life
Why does working from home effect all the categories of your life. Simply said control you at in control of your time, day, environment and mind set.

Think about it from sunrise to sunset to get to “decide” how to design your day. This is absolutely the BEST way to live your life: by design.

You can choose what part of your “home” is your “work space”
You choose to decide how much time you put into managing your financial life You chose your career and “work from home” by design You decide who what and where your social life comes from – no office politics to contend with Family time is designed in your day week and month As a parent you are “present” in your children / pets /parents lives especially when they want or need you …
Your healthy life space and decision what time to design your exercise in to your day, week and month.

The ability to “design” your life is amazing. It does take conscious thinking, planning, schilling and organization – ask yourself is it worth it?

Or is it easier to sit in traffic for and hour or two or three a day or week and have others tell you what your life will be and help others achieve their dreams.

Working from home provides a lot of the pieces needed to live an extraordinary life because it is your life to design!

Some facts you should know:
– 45 work minutes a day five days a week qualifies you as a home based business in the United States
– As the U S government increases taxes they are decreasing taxes on work from home -businesses
– American Express released a study in 2013 that 500 woman a day are starting home based businesses.
– 82% of woman in the US that earn a six figure income from the home based businesses in network marketing

“you pay to play in life – you pay for the mistakes or the coach”

My intention is to provide you with knowledge and skill to become or continue to be a home based business professional!

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