40 Affirmations to Help You Get More Out of Yourself

We can define ourselves by words, whether we realize it or not. If you look in the mirror every day, shake your head and mutter, “I’m so lazy,” then whether or not it’s true initially, eventually it may become true.

What we tell ourselves can become our reality, and the concept of an affirmation can help take that truth and leverage it in a positive way.

So here’s how affirmations work. What follows is a list of statements that can help you focus your intentions on self-improvement. Comb through this list and find one that really resonates with you—one that can help resolve a problem you’re currently grappling with or one that may address a shortcoming you’re looking to overcome. Consider repeating that affirmation first thing in the morning, several times throughout the day and last thing before you go to sleep at night.

Say it and mean it for 30 days, and you may watch yourself make that affirmation true.

Focusing your mind—both the conscious and the subconscious—on making positive changes can have profound effects on your outlook, your character and your ability to believe in yourself.

You’re basically training yourself to be the change you want to see. It’s quite a ride, and when you’ve accomplished your first affirmation success, pick another and add it to your recitation. You may be surprised at the power inherent in transforming your intentions into words.

  1. I am a top performer.
  2. Success and achievement naturally come to me.
  3. I always do better than I did yesterday.
  4. All my thoughts and efforts lead me to the success I desire.
  5. There is an opportunity in everything that presents itself to me.
  6. Obstacles and challenges strengthen me.
  7. I choose to be happy. I choose to be healthy.
  8. I love what I do.
  9. I have the best company in the world.
  10. I succeed with ease. I succeed with grace.
  11. I attract success. I attract happiness.
  12. I always do a little more than expected.
  13. I always do a lot more than expected.
  14. I love being positive.
  15. I sell my ideas because I believe in my ideas.
  16. Every day I improve.
  17. Everything I need to be successful is available to me.
  18. I celebrate my successes.
  19. I am happy. I am successful. I am fulfilled.
  20. I can achieve any result I want when I put my mind to it.
  21. Productivity is about working smarter, and that’s what I do.
  22. I am persistent in all that I do.
  23. Every day I’m more confident in myself.
  24. Successful people are attracted to me.
  25. Supportive people are attracted to me.
  26. I find solutions.
  27. I am always in the right place and right time, because this is the only place and the only time.
  28. I am destined to achieve what I want to achieve.
  29. I am serving a higher purpose.
  30. I powerfully envision what I want.
  31. I track my goals and cross out the ones I achieve every day.
  32. I release pessimism and doubt about achieving my goals.
  33. I visualize the results and benefits of my goals.
  34. I am firmly on the path of achievement.
  35. I always achieve my goals on time.
  36. I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals.
  37. I plan my work and work my plan.
  38. I have the power, the intelligence and the capability to achieve any goal.
  39. I am a lean, mean, goal-achieving machine.
  40. I will transform obstacles into opportunities with grace and creativity.

You may scoff. You may be skeptical. But unless you actually try the 30-day process of repeating the affirmation articulating the change you want to make, you can’t simply discard the notion as ineffective. We’re not talking about a big investment of time here. If you repeat an affirmation 10 times each day, we’re talking about a minute or two out of the 1,440 minutes in every day.

Investing a couple of minutes to test the power of intentionally putting the changes you desire into words can be a tiny cost. Focusing your mind—both the conscious and the subconscious—on making positive changes can have profound effects on your outlook, your character and your ability to believe in yourself.

Source: americanexpress.com

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