Cleansing Your Way to Better Health

Basic nutritional re-balance in your body and understanding the principles of inflammation -disease-manifestation are the cornerstones to improving your overall health. It is of no real benefit to masking the symptoms without removing the original causes. On the contrary, such an approach robs the body of its ability to fight its own problems and may lead to permanent health damage and may unfortunately lead to dependency on drugs/treatments that often have devastating side-effects.

The following may shed some light on why people develop inflammation – diseases, which when analyzed properly, can turn out to be no diseases, but appropriate, natural responses by the body to protect itself against the conscious or unconscious abuse on the body. Depending on constitutional status, dietary habits, excessive lifestyles, ability to deal with stressful situations, environmental factors, and existing predisposed weaknesses in the body, the symptoms may vary from person to person, but the mechanisms of inflammation – disease manifestation are similar.

One person may develop fibromyalgia, another respiratory weakness, a third, chronic fatigue- stress, yet they are all suffering from severe intestinal trouble and resulting lymphatic congestion and nutritional imbalance -undernourishment. Wherever the blockage occurs, symptoms show up. And wherever the blockage is removed, the symptoms disappear. It is up to each person suffering from health problems to help himself/herself.

The following are a few examples of conditions affected by inflammation, since these conditions can be chronic in nature, that is, they are constantly re-created by the afflicted person making the same mistakes over and over again. Many conditions caused by inflammation can be reduced if with body cleansing: elimination of cellar waste and detoxification.


Fibromyalgia can be a painful condition that affects the connective tissue responsible for holding muscular cells in place and feeding them with nutrients. The symptoms may vary, in some patients the pain is felt all over the body. In others, it appears in localized areas, for example in the shoulder (frozen shoulder) or the elbows (tennis elbow). Fibromyalgia s considered to be a form of rheumatism with the difference that it affects the softer tissues of the muscles rather than the harder tissues of the joints.

Although there may be a number of causes involved, many of them lead to one common underlying factor — acidification of the body’s connective tissues, toxicity. Many patients are told that excessive, regular, and one-sided use of muscle groups causes the death of muscle cells because the increased oxygen requirement cannot be met. This then results in the accumulation of dead muscle cells, leading to a thickening and hardening of the connective tissue.


It is much more likely that when the respiratory functions are already impaired through congestion and insufficient drainage of lymph/waste from the lung and bronchial areas, the oxygen demands of the body cannot be met. Most respiratory weakness is due to lack of enough ‘fresh’ air, not enough exercise, allergies acid-forming foods such as milk and dairy products, meat, sugars, soft drinks, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and/or irregular sleeping patterns. Suppressing emotional issues is another major contributing factor to respiratory difficulties.

Those parts of the body where waste removal through the lymphatic ducts is obstructed creates havoc in your lungs. For muscle cells to die and remain trapped in the connective tissue it takes much more than just repeated strenuous physical movements. Thickened and acidified connective tissue does not permit sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients to make their way through to the cells. Among the above reasons responsible for causing poor respiration, diet and digestion assert the greatest influence. Regular consumption of animal proteins, dairy food, refined and hardened oils and fats, as well as most processed foods are notorious for causing such acidity-related problems. Most factory-made processed food products are deprived of all living substance, and are considered “non-physiological”, that is inflammation – disease-generating.

Processed foods, no longer being in their natural form, rob the body of vital nutrients and can damage the probiotic flora of essential bacteria located on our skin and mucous lining along the intestinal and respiratory tracts. It is vital to have these highly useful bacteria, they are our first line of defense against any harmful substances and adverse invading organisms. Once the flora has been damaged, these acidic food compounds find entry into the connective tissues creating havoc throughout the body. Consequently, just to neutralize these substances, the muscle, bone, and organ tissues must give up some of their own oxygen, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Once this second line of defense is exhausted, too, the connective tissue becomes increasingly filled and saturated with cellular debris, metabolic waste, and toxic compounds and it thickens to a gel-like consistency. Microbes start coming on the scene, attacking the accumulated waste matter, which leads to inflammatory cascade.

Hampering proper lymph drainage and reducing the clearing of all naturally occurring metabolic waste products, results in stagnation causing overused and tense muscle groups in the body. This lends to malfunction and battle cry for attention and the battle to fight inflammation begins.  Most of the people who are affected in this way have no idea; however, the regular intake of sugars, stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes, sodas, alcohol, dairy products, fast foods and junk foods, may have something to do with their muscular rheumatism. They may also not realize that the pain syndrome in their body indicates the presence of a deeper metabolic imbalance that affects the entire organism.

The organs of elimination and detoxification become heavily overtaxed, which forces the body to dump the waste matter elsewhere, such as in the connective tissue of muscles. Also energy levels drop, and emotional well-being is disturbed. All this can cause multiple symptoms, including headaches, constant tiredness, reduced ability to concentrate, fluid retention, abdominal pain and diarrhea, etc.

The most thorough and fundamental treatment program for these and many other health problems consists of cleansing the major organs and systems of elimination and detoxification, including the liver, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. Unless they are cleared of any obstructions such as gallstones in the gallbladder and bile ducts of the liver, stones or grease in the kidneys, hardened deposits of undigested foods in the intestinal tract, layers of accumulated protein in the walls of blood vessels, etc., the body will continue to absorb toxic wastes in the connective tissues. Once the absorption capacity is exceeded, the waste spills over into the body’s orifices, e.g., eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin pores, causing congestion and impairing sensory functions.

When these organs and systems are cleansed and begin to function more efficiently again, the body systematically retrieves and neutralizes the deposits of toxic wastes in the connective tissues. As a result, the symptoms of inflammation – pain begin to disappear. This is easy to understand since pain arises only when ducts, pathways, vessels, etc. become obstructed. Respiratory weakness and many other inflammation areas of the body may not be considered to be diseases, but they could be a signal the body generates in order to warn its owner of the imminent danger and to deal with the existing toxicity crisis in the best possible way.


Chronic fatigue is a sign of major imbalance on all levels of living, physiological, psychological, and sociological. Its main cause, however, is overuse of the body’s energy resources. Since waste elimination is suppressed, there may be multiple symptoms of congestion, swellings, headaches, pain in joints and muscles, enlarged lymph nodes, etc.

Many professional athletes, for example, suffer from this condition later in life, especially when drugs were used to increase performance. There is a certain amount of life-energy available that is supposed to last for the entire natural lifespan. If used up within a few years, there is not much left for the later years.

But not only athletes tend to abuse their energy systems. Many people over-stimulate their body unnecessarily, just to derive sensory pleasure. Excessive travel to different time zones, chronic exposure to stressful activities can lead to the same depletion of energy that athletes can suffer. Even the overuse of the sense of sight, by watching too much TV for example, can cause major energy depletion. The nervous system must use vast amounts of energy, vitamins, and water in order to keep up. If this over-stimulation, prompting a constant release of the stress hormone adrenalin, becomes too strenuous for the body, it goes into exhaustion and may fall asleep — a common experience especially among the elderly. Also, regular exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields, radiating from TV sets, computers, car engines, and household appliances, are another major source of energy depletion.

Perhaps the most important cause of chronic fatigue is many years of over-stimulation through food and beverages. Foods that are non-physiological, have no real value for the body, rob the body of its energy reserves. Since they don’t provide energy to the body, the body is forced to give up its own resources to deal with them. Typical foods and drinks that have such an effect on the body are isolated sugar, cakes, candy, pastries, all stimulants such as caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, preservatives, coloring agents, emulsifiers and other chemical food additives, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics contained in meat, milk, and other foods, meat, and basically all factory-produced foods.

Many modern foods and drinks literally trigger a fight-or-flight response in the body — a system of survival that is only to be used in emergency situations, such as facing an immediate danger from an approaching car. All stimulants trigger this survival response. Constant stress, and irregular sleeping habits, of course, do the same. A typical adrenalin release uses up a vast amount of energy in the body. Fatigue results when a number of these factors, combined with a longstanding weakness of the digestive functions, lead to the exhaustion of almost all energy reserves in the body. Since digestion is impaired there is not much energy left to fill up the complex sugar reserves.

Stress always goes hand in hand with severe congestion occurring in many parts of the body. This applies particularly to the lymphatic system, where thickened lymph fluid filled with metabolic waste products, toxins from foods and environment block the small and large lymph ducts and cause lymph node swelling or lymph edemas. Once lymph flow is continuously inhibited the surrounding tissue turns into a pool of toxins, which in turn can have a detrimental effect on nutrient and energy supply to the cells, organs and systems in the body.

The body, being a composite of ducts, channels, vessels, biochemical and electrical pathways, can only be energetically self-sufficient, when it is free of any abnormal obstructions. The various symptoms of inflammation simply reflect the location and degree of congestion and toxicity. In the case of chronic fatigue, the degree of congestion in these ducts and vessels is very high. Water, oxygen, glucose, and other essential substances are increasingly hindered from entering the cells.Consequently, cellular energy production remains too low to meet the body’s high demands for energy.

Since the liver serves as the main energy distribution center in the body, a series of body cleanses usually alleviates the situation greatly and in fact often fully restores normal energy levels.

In closing, to restore normal energy levels, remove pain and other symptoms of inflammation it is necessary to open all congested areas in the body through simple body cleansing. Diet and lifestyle must be adjusted to support the body in restoring its complex energy reserves and to deliver nourishment to all organs and systems. A body that is cleansed and free of congestion has no need to generate pain signals; instead it is a constant source of happiness, freedom and rejuvenation.

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