Flip the Script on the Sunday Night Blues

Set the Tone for your Week with these 6 Pro Tips

Does anxiety creep in when you think about the upcoming week?  Do those thoughts get you to feel a little blue on Sundays?  The anticipation of what the next week has to bring can leave you feeling stressed and depressed.  Often people can get worried about unfinished tasks at work or home that need to be tackled come Monday morning.  Creating a work-life balance can be challenging with the demands of our jobs and our children’s school and activity schedules.  Some simple shifts can be done to help manage overwhelming feelings and take the dread out of the approaching week.  Practice these ideas to start your week on a positive note and gain joy back in your Sundays.

1. Be Proactive with your Tasks

Many people save Sundays as their weekend task day.  Try switching things up.  See if you can tackle your chores, shopping, and meal prepping on Friday night and early Saturday morning.  If you can tackle your task list early in the weekend, then you can spend the rest of your days off doing leisure activities.

2. Spend some Time on Yourself

Make sure that you take some time for yourself during the weekend before the hustle and bustle begin.  Doing this on Sunday is a great way to relax and unwind as you enter the week ahead. Weekend self-care doesn’t need to be something big like going to the spa.  It can be something simple like reading a good book, going for a walk out in nature, resting, taking a bath, journaling or spending time with friends and family.  Whatever activity brings you joy and peace is what you want to seek.  It could be as simple as 20 minutes of quiet alone time.

3. Put Down Your Phone

Don’t waste your few days off with your face on your phone.  Take a break from social media, emails, and text messages.  We tend to compare ourselves to others when we scroll on social media. There’s nothing worse than lying on the couch on a Sunday and seeing people on your social media feed appearing to have the perfect life while you feel buried in a never-ending to-do list.  We waste so much of our precious time looking at our phones.  Use your free time wisely.  Spend actual face time with the ones you love instead of looking at what your acquaintances are up to.  Your emails will wait till Monday.  Focus on activities that make you feel good.

4. Be in the Moment

When we are anxious about the future week, we can get the Sunday Scaries. During the weekend, focus on shifting your thought process and be more present in the current moment instead of letting your mind worry about the week to come.  Be mindful of the fun and relaxing activities you are partaking in with loved ones or the peaceful time alone. Simple habits like these can foster a sense of calmness and reduce the anxious thoughts that come with the Sunday blues.

5. Practice Gratitude

Staying in a state of gratitude can help to make your body feel more relaxed.  As you move through your weekend, focus on the things that bring you gratitude.  If your mind starts to worry about work on Monday, try to change that thought to be thankful for your job.  Start and end each day with a short list of things that you are grateful for.

6. Make the Most of Mondays

Mondays don’t have to be dreaded.  They can be a great way to reset and refresh.  Set a positive intention for the week to come by listening to a motivational playlist or podcast on your way to work.  Then, make sure to create some space in your Monday for something you enjoy, such as a weekly lunch date with a coworker or taking the kids for an after-school treat. Planning something you enjoy will keep the positive weekend vibes going and help kick off your week on an upbeat note.

Source: marpewellness.com ~ By: Julie Paiva, CHHC ~ Image: Canva Pro

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