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6 Guaranteed Ways To Position Yourself As An Authority

There are so many choices and options today when people are looking to solve a challenge or problem. So just how do they make that choice? They go to the trusted expert or authority who has built a relationship with them and has proven their expertise on their topic.

So when your community needs someone that offers the products or services that you do, will you be the authority that they turn to?

Perhaps you are unsure about how to establish yourself as an authority on your topic?

Fear not.

I am going to share six guaranteed ways you can position yourself as a trusted authority with your community, industry, and/or topic…


7 Incredible Benefits of Becoming a Recognized Leader in Your Industry

How can a thought leadership strategy put your head and shoulders above your competition?

Putting yourself out there is scary – trust me, I know!

When I first started sharing my opinions in podcasts and then videos, I felt nervous. But I knew that if I wanted to stand out and be seen as a content repurposing authority, I had to create content. In this digital age, there’s no two ways about it.

Not to mention, I had to practice what I preach!

I knew that if I consistently followed a content approach based on thought leadership and building my personal brand, it would pay off in the long-term.

I’ve seen this strategy generate benefits for businesses across many different industries. It just takes commitment. READ MORE

Experts Rule: 15 Ways To Establish Authority in Your Field

If your business is about you and you’re building a personal brand, then it’s essential that you look for ways to stand out against the competition by establishing authority in your field. The process starts by providing helpful information to your target audience—content that appeals to their wants, needs, and challenges. Following are ways that you can stand out and make an impact within your field.

1. Write a Book

2. Publish Articles

3. Host a Blog

4. Build a Social Media Following

5. Create a YouTube Channel…  READ MORE

Rules of genuine authority

1. If you have “guru” anywhere on your profile, Facebook page, website, blog, or email signature, I don’t trust your authority.

2. Valid experience – plainly and clearly stated – is the best way to establish authority.

3. Peer reviews and client recommendations are the second best way to establish authority.

4. Give me those things first, then give me links to your articles and posts and so on.

5. Give me those things first, and give me links to your free informative articles and posts and so on, before you even mention selling me anything.

6.  Don’t be offended when people question your authority. Quick-to-offense tells me you are insecure about your own position.

7. I don’t care if you are the foremost expert in your field, blah blah blah. In fact, if that’s what you claim, it makes me distrust you. I just want you to know more than I do. That’s enough. If you can share some of your knowledge with me in a fluff-free, efficient manner, that’s really helpful.

8. It actually helps me to see that you are a real person. Don’t burden me with minutiae, but be real. A real person trying to sound like a non-human entity makes me question your sincerity. And if I’m questioning your sincerity, then your authority no longer really matters.

9. A real person trying to sound real ends up sounding fake. Don’t try to sound real. Just be real. Maybe don’t market yourself… just be yourself.

10. It’s okay to say you don’t know. I trust you more if you can admit your own limits.


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