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The 5 Parts of Every Effective Mentoring Goal

Setting effective mentoring goals can be the definitive reason why mentorship works. They are the mold that allows the mentee to grow, and eventually break through. But in order to be an effective mentoring goal, there are 5 parts that always have to be present. By ensuring that you always have these 5 attributes, you can be certain that your mentoring goals will be effective and useful for both you and your mentee.

1. The Ultimate Goal

2. Small, But Direct Signifiers of Results

3. A Clear Timeline

4. What to Do When it’s Met

5. What to do when it isn’t


Facilitate Better Mentoring With These Seven Ideas

Mentorship can seem like a buzzword that people use to get fast professional development, but it’s much more than that. Mentorship can be a fruitful relationship between two people, especially when you consider the exchanging of ideas that takes place. But making that connection between mentee and mentor is not always easy. It can take quite a bit of dedication and additional support to make it function properly.

1. Make Yourself Available 

2. Engage In Reverse-Mentoring 

3. Rely On Mentorship Software 

4. Make Mentoring A Priority 

5. Look Outside Your Department 

6. Identify Additional Support 

7. Create A Culture Of Servant Leadership” 


How to Make the Most Out of A Meeting with Your Mentor

We’re starting to see signs of a light at the end of the tunnel, and with that, new possibilities for what’s ahead. As you think about your next step, maybe you could use some help figuring out what that looks like.

If you’ve landed here, you probably know that a mentor, or even a network of mentors, can give you the support you need to grow your career and prepare for new opportunities. When you’re connecting with someone who’s likely in a senior position and working in a role that you aspire to, it can be intimidating. But if you play your cards right and prepare yourself well, you’ll reap the rewards.


10 Quick Ideas for Becoming a More Effective Mentee

Mentorship is often studied from the perspective of the mentor, but here are ten quick ideas for becoming an effective mentee.

Innumerable studies and books have been written, and many conversations have been had, about mentorship. In fact, the amount of information that is available on how to be an effective mentor is almost overwhelming. However, for those who are seeking a mentor, the experience can be different. There seems to be an unstated assumption that being a mentor is active while being a mentee is passive. Perhaps this assumption needs to be challenged.

  1. Drive the relationship.
  2. Balance formal and informal mentoring.
  3. Seek the most personal means to connect.
  4. Be courageous.
  5. Be clear about the ask.
  6. View feedback as a gift.
  7. Provide value.
  8. Be prepared.
  9. Have realistic expectations.
  10. Show gratitude. 


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