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Lifestyle Planning: What It Is, Why It Matters And How Entrepreneurs Stand To Benefit

Many solopreneurs and freelancers dedicate countless hours to business planning. They focus on how they can gain new clients, improve their services and more. When you’re tackling most of this work on your own, this can be quite a tall task. All too often, it also leads to your quality of life taking a back seat.

Sure, there are some famous entrepreneurs out there who claim you should be working 100 hour work weeks if you want to get rich. But the thing is, that type of schedule is more likely to lead to burnout than anything else. If you want to be happy in what you do, you should actually be embracing the mindset of lifestyle planning.

Build A Business Around The Lifestyle You Want (Not The Other Way Around)

Lifestyle planning is a mindset in which your business and career plans cater to your preferred lifestyle. You aren’t forced to adapt your lifestyle to fit around your work schedule. Everyone has different interests — different things that make them happy and satisfied with their life. Some people legitimately love burning the midnight oil and spending countless hours bringing a product or service to life…  READ MORE

Lifestyle planning: What it is and how to do it

What is lifestyle planning? Here are the basics

  • How to start your lifestyle plan
  • What to do when you are out on your own
  • How to lifestyle plan when you start having children
  • Summary of lifestyle planning
  • Practical ideas you can start with today

Personal finance isn’t just about stocks and bonds and charts and graphs. It’s ultimately about how you use financial principles to make your life better—otherwise, it’s just a bunch of useless data.

Lifestyle financial planning integrates psychological ideas into your financial situation, helping you craft a financial life that meets needs beyond mere dollar amounts. Ultimately, it’s your money, and you want it to go where it does you the best.

While money cannot buy happiness, budgeting to achieve your life’s goals goes a long way toward achieving happiness. At some point, you must address the question: “What makes me happy?”… READ MORE

Ten Steps To Creating A Solid Financial Plan For Your Lifestyle

No one cares about your financial well-being more than you, so it’s important to have a financial plan for yourself. Having a solid financial plan will allow you to save money, afford the things you want, and achieve long-term goals like saving for college and retirement. In my opinion, financial planning is critical, especially for women, due to the gender wage gap.

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but everyone’s financial plan looks different. So if you’re wondering how to create a financial plan or why you should do so, you’re in the right place.

We all want to be financially independent and build wealth. Deciding to embark on the journey toward financial independence is a big deal!

It marks a fresh beginning with your money, and it means that you’re setting out to accomplish something that can change your life for the better. In this post, I’ll take you through everything you need to know to plan for your financial future...  READ MORE

7 Powerful Ways To Overcome Obstacles And Win In Life

Obstacles are the stumbling blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals. They are the limiting factors that hinder you from achieving your desired dreams, and you have to overcome these obstacles to move further in life.

It’s not enough to set goals; you need to actualize your goals. It is at the point of execution that life becomes unbearable as unexpected setbacks and obstacles set in.

It is not an understatement to say that every success comes with challenges. Those challenges often come as problems you need to solve. If you can solve them, you can then have the assurance that you can reach your goals.… READ MORE

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