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How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Niche

People tend to listen to those who know best. When asking for advice, where do they usually go? The experts of their respective industries. One has to be creative, persuasive, and well-informed to become a figure of authority, expertise, and influence.

While the traditional pathway demands degrees and certifications that cost valuable time and money, there are a few alternatives worth trying:

1. Specialize and niche down.

2. Be a source of valuable content.

3. Stay relevant and move alongside the trends.

4. Join virtual events or create your own.

5. Get featured in prominent publications.


6 Guaranteed Ways To Position Yourself As An Authority

There are so many choices and options today when people are looking to solve a challenge or problem. So just how do they make that choice?

They go to the trusted expert or authority who has established a relationship with them and has proven their expertise on their topic.

So when your community needs someone that offers the products or services that you do, will you be the authority that they turn to?

Perhaps you are unsure about how to establish yourself as an authority on your topic.

Fear not.

I’m going to share six guaranteed ways you can position yourself as a trusted authority with your community, industry, and/or topic. READ MORE

11 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand And Become The Authority In Your Niche

As an online business owner, you probably know the importance of branding. Branding is one of your most powerful tools as a business owner, so you want to use it effectively. To get the most out of branding, you’ll want to focus on building your brand, as well as your business brand.

Your brand defines who you are to your audience. Your personality, your interests, and your goals are all represented by your brand. You already have a personal brand, whether you’ve actively worked to develop it or not.

With the right personal branding, you can improve your sales and increase your audience. By giving yourself an awesome reputation among your audience, you give your business a favorable impression as well. 

Building your brand works similarly to building any other type of brand – it’s about putting your best foot forward. We’ve put together a list of the best personal branding tips from leading experts in marketing, to help you get started in the right direction… READ MORE

How to Build an Authority Website for the Longterm

Have you ever wondered why, in nearly every set of search results, a Wikipedia entry ranks on the first page, usually near the top?

That’s because the site has gone to great lengths to build authority at the domain, site and page levels. Google recognizes the value of Wikipedia’s rich content that links out to well-documented sources.

To create website, or domain, authority for your own site, it might benefit you to take a page from Wikipedia’s book. While your site may never have the hundreds of thousands of pages that Wikipedia does, the same principles apply.

In fact, niche sites have an easier time building authority. By restricting themselves to one niche, content creation efforts are concentrated on one specific theme… READ MORE

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