Newsletter, January 2016

What IF?

  • You could be a part of a BIG IDEA  –
  • Have Great Energy
  • Meet A Challenge
  • Meet some New Friends
  • And, earn a minimum of $200 CASH!

I invite you to participate in the 2016 IsaBody Challenge and get your share of $200,000 in cash and prizes.

Check it out below…

Text me with quesitons 847.323.2419

What do you have to Lose?

  • excess holiday weight?
  • love handles?
  • bad moods!

I have done this challenge 6 times I LOVE IT – support, a plan, workouts, weekly calls and CASH!!!!

To your success,

Michele Foster

16 week isabody challenge mf

Health & Fitness Tips

Home HIIT Workout Program for Weight and Fat Loss

hiit routineThis HIIT workout video enables you to burn a very high number of calories in minimal time – just twenty minutes.

The best part about this at home HIIT workout is that the benefits extend far beyond that third of an hour where you are actually exercising. High intensity interval training is popular because it actually ends up revving up your metabolism so that you burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your sweat session is finished. Read More and watch the video…

4 Mind Shifts That Turn Adversity Into Advantage

victory2There is nothing worse than going through a difficult time in your life and feeling like it was a complete waste of effort. Adversity has a way of defeating us and making us feel used up. But somewhere inside, we want to be able to make sense of our difficulties. We want to make them count for something positive, that all the pain we endured wasn’t for nothing.

I used to think adversity was something I had to suffer through to experience happiness. I avoided adversity, for the most part, hoping it wouldn’t come. But it did. It came with a force. Ten years of mental and emotional abuse in my childhood left me feeling defeated and broken as a young adult. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I was often angry, defensive, and in survival mode most of the time. Read more…

The Best Foods to Fight Fatigue

green-teaExhaustion isn’t a good look on anyone, but it’s all too easy to burn the candle at both ends in the always-connected world we live in. And when that energy slump hits, you need help. But that doesn’t mean downing a dozen cups of coffee or reaching into the candy bowl.

Sugar and caffeine will give you a quick rush, but that’s often followed by a crash. So if you’re searching for sustained energy, look for food with complex carbs, protein, and fiber. We put together this cheat sheet of things to eat and drink to beat fatigue—and a few foods that sabotage your efforts to get pumped up. Read more…

Jim Rohn: Begin With Gratitude and Watch the Miracles Flow Your Way

victoryLearn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.

Is thankfulness a survival skill? Maybe most of you would respond with, “No, thankfulness is not key to survival,” and I would tend to agree with you. Most of us have probably already solved the necessary problems of survival, gone beyond that and are now working to achieve our desires.

But let me give you this key phrase: “Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.” I believe one of the greatest and perhaps one of the simplest lessons in life we can learn is to be thankful for what we have already received and accomplished. Read more…

Final Note: Don’t forget to contact Michele Foster with any questions you may have about Health & Fitness. Call: 847-323-2419

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