The Joy of Living Life on My Terms

Ahh! The Joy of Living Life on My Terms . . .

If that sounds easy, it’s not always been. If that sounds trite, I can assure you it’s not. To be responsible for myself first has been the greatest gift of love and self-respect I could have ever done.

If I am asked to do something for another – two things happen;
– I see how it benefits me or doesn’t.
– Yes means yes, and no, means no.

The reasoning behind this is simple, desiring to feel good about my decision comes quickly when I evaluate the situation and see how it makes me FEEL. Then, if I say yes, I honor that commitment, and if I say no I honor that too.

There is a great story told by Oprah Winfrey. When we all found out how “rich” she became, her dear friend Stevie Wonder came to her and asked her to donate to something he was orchestrating. She thought of how if she said no, (and he knows she has money) he may never talk to her again or be her friend anymore. However, she decided to stay true to herself and she declined the “opportunity”, and Stevie Wonder said “ok”! It was that simple . . . get it?

That story has stuck with me for a very long time and that is why I am sharing it with all of you.

A daily decision to be happy, joyful, and conscious is hard work –  at first. However, the more you live in this state the easier it gets. It’s not any different from any other habit you are attempting to incorporate.

The  childhood charectoristics, which were developed because of who, what, and how your family did things, were established in your personality between the ages 5 to 7.

Well, if you are no longer those ages and desire some change, you can have it!!!

Learning how to be happy and joyful is a process. I believe that process is all about reliving and rebounding the past into the present and I do not think that it is advantageous, but that’s just my opinion.

Coaches are people who are hired because they help lean forward and make measurable changes. I have used several coaches in my life.

Mentors are people to lean on and be supported by and I have many mentors in my life, I always have.

When I want to accomplish something new, I usually try and find “who” did this before me, so I can model after them until I am confident enough in my own decision-making and success to go out on my own.

Reframing things is something I am good at. I allow myself the ability to see things with a little less emotion, and that is always a helpful perspective.

I really believe that any emotional situation that is given 24 hours to slow down will result in a much better outcome, whether it is in my personal or professional life.

I mentioned above the word “state”, as in being “in the state”. By my definition that means being the best you can be; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When everything lines up, you are “in the state” or some say “flow”, and others say “focused”.

Finding that “state” for me takes self-care; I exercise, pray, meditate, walk my dogs, and yes, do nothing – find quiet time.

That pattern, when it is interrupted for too long, will make my joy less and my happyness harder to feel as easily.

Nutrition is key for my happy body. If I feel hungry, or I feel too full, I am not a happy person, that’s just me. I need a lifestyle of good eating habits that also do not restrict me from living life on my terms.

Like today, make a list of all the good things that happened, then, out loud share how thankful and appreciative you are that they happened.

If you haven’t moved your body today, go do it now; walk the dog, stretch, go to the gym, do whatever gets your blood moving. Tomorrow, start a morning routine, it really will change your life. Start with 15 minutes of exercise… we all have 15 minutes, even if it means getting up earlier.

The satisfaction that I feel every day from Living My Life on My Terms is awesome and I am unapologetic about it. I wish the same for You…

What are the triggers for you to Live Your Best Life?

Michele xo

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