Welcome to the Elite Coaching 1000 Lead Generation Challenge

Generating qualified leads for your business can be an expensive task… if you allow it to be.

The good news is – there are many strategies that can enable you to generate qualified leads for free, if you’re committed to sticking to the right strategies.

The 7­ day Elite Coaching 1000 Challenge is a video training series that you can create to generate an avalanche of free leads.

Basic Rules:

  • Commit to this 7 day challenge. Make this commitment and keep it. Write this down –

“I am here not just to get information, I am here to take action. I am committed to make such a big change in my life that all I have to do is take the action.”




What are you committed to? Write down your goal.




Be engaged –  The more you are engaged the more you will get out of this 7 Day Challenge. Take notes, and write those notes in this workbook that’s what it’s designed for.

During the course of this challenge, you are going to learn about  influence – because the primary job of a business owner is Influence. Write this down below –  “My job is influence”.

Your job is influence not just when you take someone as a client, but continually as their life changes. It is important to focus on life transformation with your clients.                

Think about why people come to you? Because you have influenced them in some way. And, because you influence them – they shift internally. You make it work by making sure that shift is forever.

Lead Generation, Sales & Influence Tactics


Step into ‘Foundation’

Who do you want to serve? Who is your ideal client?

Your ‘foundation’ is not about what kind of money you are going to make or what kind of strategy you’re going to use… your ideal client?

If you’re saying “I already know who my ideal client is”, but you’re not where you want to be in your business, then do this exercise now.

#1. Ideal Client

This exercise is intended to help you get SUPER FOCUSED on who your “ideal” client is. The more detailed you are in filling this out, the easier it will be for you to identify the type of client you want to attract.

Part 1. The 3 Things my ideal client must have:

Instructions: Answer these three questions to the best of your ability.

In what way will your ideal client be fun to work with?


How much do your clients need to pay you for it to be lucrative?


In what way will this person be impacted by your work?


Part 2:    Details (Demographics and Psychographics)

Instructions: Using the prompts below, describe in great detail your client avatar. If you’ve had a client before that was fun, lucrative, and impacted, use them as a reference.




 Marital status: ________________________________

 How many children:____________________________

 Income range: ________________________________

 Job title: _____________________________________

 What are their values:



 What big pains do they have in their life:



 What do they most fear:



 What would make them feel confident:



 What would make them feel safe or secure:



 How do they describe their problem (that you want to help them with):



 Who do they look up to as an influencer:


Where do they shop:


 What do they do for fun:


 When do they consume your content:


 What experiences do you have that will relate you to them?


 Custom important detail:


 Custom important detail:


Part 3: Additional Notes

Instructions: List any other important details about your ideal client which will help you understand how to reach them.

Note: Your ideal client should be fun and you should be emotionally connected to them. It is important that She or He loves spending time with you.


  • If you don’t think you could spend a whole day with a potential client – don’t take them as a client.
  • If you dread working with a client, you will find yourself procrastinating when it comes to working with that client.


So choose people are that are super fun.

Write that down whatever it is that you think is fun about your ideal client.

Most people know what kind of client they don’t want. However, don’t focus on what you don’t want… because the more you focus on what you don’t want,  the more likely you’ll get it.

What you focus on you find, what you focus on you become, what you focus on becomes real.

Cause: By focusing on your ideal client, you are setting the framework so you are excited to work with that person.

Effect: You will have the ability to stay motivated.

Keep in mind that your ideal client is unique… for instance, the person you want to work with is  a specific age – not a range 29 – 50?

My ideal client is a single person, with a single idea of fun, with a single purpose, with a specific income, specific age, specific where they live, etc.

Make this ideal client real.  

Why do we focus on a very specific ideal client? So that we’re focused,

Let me be clear…

I’m not saying you’re going to say NO to other types of clients, however, focusing in on your ideal client makes you laser sharp as to who you’re looking to work with.

Specializing is the key. Generalizing WILL keep you broke.

#2  Build your Authority

What are you for?




What are you against?




Who do you want to work with?




How do you not want to work with your clients?




 Know your ideal client, what are their:

                                   Fears ~ Pains ~ Goals

Know their specific stage in life. Picture of who they are so you can start making contents and videos.

Make sure your ideal client is someone who is financially able.

Your ideal client needs to be able to commit financially, doing business with them needs to be lucrative.

III. Client needs to be highly impacted by you.

It’s important to recognize who you’re best suited to build a specific type of business. It is also important to understand your unique mission and the people you were put on Earth to help. These are people that will be highly ‘impacted’ by you.

How do you know you have impacted a client?  

For me, it comes when I hear a client saying – “Michele, you’ve changed my life”, that’s when I know I’ve highly impacted them.

You want to coach someone in an area of their life that you know you can impact change, AND, the client needs to be fun, lucrative, and highly impacted.

Be specific, write down the strengths and skills you have that could impact a potential client?

Note: You are reaching out to your ideal client, you don’t want to reach out to everyone, because then you will speak to no one. When you specifically say this type of person connects with you, they know they want to work with you.


My Clients Fears, Pains, and Goals run my business!!!

Nothing matters in Business like this.

Fear is an anticipated negative outcome. Most people live their life fearing something; fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of being rejected. Fear keeps people from moving forward. If you know what you fear – than you know what your ideal client fears. Our fears connect us. Vulnerability connects us. My fear has been vulnerability. I know now it is a strength and people connect with me because I am vulnerable.

What is it YOU fear? _____________________________________________________________________



Pain is a current negative reality.  Pain takes many forms; I can’t walk, I am out of shape, I have no energy. Write something down that you have a pain from?

Goals are an anticipated future / positive outcome. Goal examples:

  • I want to connect with people of the opposite sex
  • I want out of debt
  • I want to buy a home.

Write down you goals:




In my business coaching experience, I have learned that clients experience a lot of financial pain, so as I tell my clients to start making some changes to their financial blueprint and so that they can take their business up a level. In other words, be prepared to spend some money.

Now think about your Ideal Client – what are their:

  • Fears
  • Pain
  • Goals


  1. They want to be super fit, to be a role model for their kids.  
  2. They want to be financially better off so they can give their kids more.
  3. They want more time, more time to relax, more time to spend time with family and friends.

Examples: Most Common Pain Points for Small Businesses

Looking for pain different niches most common pain points. Check out this list of pain points and see what your marketing is saying.

  1. We don’t have enough money
  2. We are not about to get new customers
  3. We are not able to keep existing customers
  4. Our revenues are too low
  5. Revenues are OK, but profitability sucks
  6. Our employee turnover is too high
  7. I need to see this business.
  8. My business partner is a jerk.
  9. We’re having quality issues with our products.
  10. Our website sucks.
  11. We’re constantly out of office supplies.
  12. We need to move to a bigger space.
  13. I think one of my employees is a drug addict.
  14. We hired somebody and we didn’t realize they had a criminal record.
  15. Our prices are too low.
  16. Our products are growing obsolete.
  17. A virus infected every computer in our office.
  18. My business partner just passed away.
  19. I’m getting a divorce and my wife wants the business.
  20. We just lost our biggest client, account for 50% of our revenues.
  21. My employees are coasting on me. There’s no work ethic here.
  22. Our business culture sucks.
  23. I don’t have a good business lawyer.
  24. One of our customers is suing the business.
  25. My biggest competitor just raised 50 million in venture capital.

Storytelling is the key to making this type of video marketing work!

When it comes to storytelling, everything is intentional. It’s targeted and designed to influence your ideal client.

So when you are telling your story, your ideal client will say – “I have to work with you, I have to learn from you.”

Your story proves that you are the authority.

Storytelling does 2 things . . .

Your story helps you connect with your ideal client and your story establishes your expertise.

Write that down –



Your client won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  1. I am Connected
  2. I am the Authority

Storytelling is the Foundation of All Influence! It needs to communicate to your prospect that:

  1. You care about them, you are caring and understanding
  2. You are qualified – You ARE an Authority and can take them to the promised land.

If you understand this – If you can tell a story authentically, then getting leads with this system is easy.

The Videos

The purpose of each of the 7 videos is to tell your story, establish your authority, influence prospective clients and establish connections with your ideal clients.

Video recording tips:


  • Record the video on your phone. Record the videos on your phone. Turn the phone to the landscape position to record, and when you are done, upload it directly to your Facebook page. Then, upload the video to YouTube, but do not copy the YouTube link to your Facebook page. Send the video to your email list, and post it everywhere that your followers might see it.
  • Be authentic in these videos. Be sure to tell a story that is true to your situation, and keep it under 5 minutes.
  • You may feel resistance to posting these videos. This will fade after a few days. As long as you’re being authentic, you have nothing to fear.
  • At the end of each video, include a call to action. Always direct your viewers to fill out a form, download a free guide, share your video, post a comment, etc. Don’t forget a call to action!


Video #1:

Title: “This was hard to post”

Instructions: This video should be something about something that is uncomfortable for you to speak on camera. It should be something that you’ve struggled with and have overcome, which will inspire others. It may also be an important message that you need to get off your chest.

This could relate to the turning point that triggered you getting into your industry.

Give specific examples of the struggle (or struggles) you overcame to get to where you are now.

The people listening to this video are going to relate on a deep level with the powerful struggles you have overcome, and will be inspired to take action.

Approach it like this: If this were the last story you ever told, even if only 1 person would hear it, what is the story you would tell?

Call to Action:

Ask your viewers to share the video with anyone they think might be inspired by your story. Also ask them to comment below if your story has inspired them in any way.


For anyone who shares, comments, or likes your video, send them a private message thanking them for it.


Video #2:

Title: “Thank you”


This will simply be a video of you thanking people for their responses from the day before. Thank your viewers for their support and the messages that you received. Consider sharing a particular response that you received, and how you felt about it.

Call to Action:

Tell your viewers to watch out for another video tomorrow, because you’re going to be sharing something very special for a limited number of people.


Since you gave no specific action to engage with you today, just continue to engage with your audience via personal messages and prime them for your sales funnel.



Okay before we go any further, let’s address the 800 pound gorilla in the book (room).


How are you feeling?




Was the Ideal Client hard, when you started looking at your own pain points it was in your words. It was easier to put those descriptive words in your ideal client wasn’t it?

Just remember this – unsuccessful people are scared stiff.

FEAR- How you beat it every time is to deal with it – take it head on!

So often when I have a fear I tend to move away from it, what I have learned is to move towards it.

                            Fear of Vulnerability

                            Fear of Failure

Tim Ferris who authored the book 4 Minute Workweek says,

“The quality of your life is the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have”.

Unsuccessful people are scared – If I treated FEAR as something I was going to always move away from, I was going to stay where I am.

And instead if I took a different approach on FEAR and saw FEAR as an OPPORTUNITY then maybe, it’s in that moment that I could GROW!

In that moment I realized that fear was no longer to be an indicator of what to run from but to move towards.

Now I say to myself anytime I have FEAR on something I SAY I GO!

When I FEAR – I GO ~ I move towards that fear . . .

Video #3:

Title: “My primary frustration


Share a frustration that you have within your industry. Frame your solution as though it is counter­intuitive to the status quo. For example: “One of my primary frustrations in the business world is that anybody can coach. However, I believe that this is incorrect. Connection and passion is the process to breakthrough and it can actually be fun!”

From here, transition into letting them know about a new coaching program that you’re putting together. Relate the details of the program with the frustration you talked about earlier, describe who SHOULD apply for the program, and who SHOULD NOT apply.

Call to Action:

Tell your audience that if they’re interested in applying, to click the link in the “comments” section and fill out their name and email address. Also ask them to share the video with anyone who may be interested in a free session with you.


Follow up with the leads you get from the comments section and FB messenger.


Video #4:

Title: “The question I’m asked the most…”


The primary goal of this video is to answer a common question that you get within your industry. So what you’re going to do is choose a question that is commonly asked within your industry, and then answer it. Spend a good 3 -­ 4 minutes offering free coaching advice in this specific area.

Call to Action:

Ask them what their primary question is within your industry. Ask them to post their primary question in the “comment” section below the video. Also ask them to share the video with a friend who would benefit from it.

Follow ­up:

If someone posts a question in response to your video, answer their question for them. Do your best to answer every question that you’re asked.


Video # 5

Title: “I’m Dripping With Sweat”

***First Option


This video should be taken directly after your workout, preferably immediately after an intense workout so that you’re sweaty and barely able to speak. They should see the kind of intensity with which you work out. Talk about what you normally see at the gym, and how most people aren’t working out with the intensity that they should. Make it obvious that you are one of the hardest working people in the gym, and inspire people to want to work out with you.

Call to Action:

Mention that you are doing a new fat ­burning workout series that you’re seeing amazing results with. Say that you are looking for 3 people who want to get pushed to their limits, and get them to PM you directly.

Follow­ up:

Respond to the PM’s you get from people interested in working with you. Begin taking them through your sales funnel.


***Second Option­­­­­­­­­­

Title: [Relate it to the content you’re going to post. See below]


I want you to get into the habit of listening to your body, and using it as a guide for your videos. The best time to create a video is when you’re fired up, inspired, pissed off, grateful, etc.

Your goal here is to share something highly emotional that you have a strong opinion about. This can be advise that you want to give to a specific type of person, a solution to a problem that you’re passionate about, celebrating a big win you just had, etc.

Call to Action:  

Ask people to comment with their thoughts. Do they agree or disagree with you? Have they ever had a similar experience?


Engage with the comments you receive.

Video #6:

Title: “[Name] had [this result] in [shocking amount of time]”


This is where you can get your previous clients involved. Either talk about their results yourself (get their permission first) OR interview them in this video. Share with your viewers the incredible results they’ve achieved with you, talk about their emotional state before working with you, and how much they struggled before working with you.

Show the world that you are a person that can get incredible, fast, lasting results.

Call to Action:

Ask viewers to share the video with someone who needs a little inspiration.


PM anyone who shares, likes, or comments on your video. Thank them for engaging with you, and begin steering them toward a 10­minute call.


Video #7:

Title: “Be careful what you read in the news”


For this video, you’re going to “piggy­back” off of a story and create your video around this content. Find an online article, and share the link to the article in the “comment” section.

What’s important here is that you find something within the article that you passionately disagree with. Read a quote directly from the article, and then share your opinion about it. Why is the article wrong? Or what important step does the article leave out.

Position yourself as an expert here, and share the “TRUTH” about the thing you’re arguing against.

Call to Action:

Ask your audience what they’re confused about that the media has been talking about lately.


    Engage with anyone who asks you a question by answering it for them.


Now that you have created and released 7 videos in 7 days, you should be well on your way to having content created that you will be sharing with your clients. Feel free to continue generating similar videos, and keep generating new leads this way.

Gauge the responses you get from these videos, and determine which type of video got you the most leads, the most interaction, the most shares, etc.

The important thing here is that you begin to establish yourself as an expert in your particular industry, engage with the people who are engaging with your videos, and lead them through your sales funnel to turn them into paying clients!


How to have a Powerful Mindset


What happens if you don’t master Influence? What is the consequence?


You lose out – no money, no transforming lives!

Not making money and not doing what you want to do.

You miss out on people thanking you for transforming their lives! You are invisible, you have no legacy.

If you have Influence you will never worry about money again, because you know you have a legacy. Dreams become nightmares if you don’t master influence.

A Legacy is Assured

A legacy means to me that I am having a positive influence in the world and for other people.

Why Don’t Most “would be “ Influencers get this! Because the believe:

  • To sell is to hurt someone
  • To sell is to take
  • If people give you money they are missing out, they are losing something.
  • To sell is to manipulate
  • To sell is pain

Even if it is unconscious – you may be afraid to sell that high ticket package because you don’t want someone to give you that much money because they are going to miss out on that much money if they give it to you!

SO, who has had these thoughts:

  • I don’t know if this will help them.
  • I don’t want to hurt people.
  • I am not in this for the money.
  • I just want to help people.

What needs to be understood is that this is a choice you make. If you believe that making a sale is hurting someone – you are NOT going to sell a thing, because you are a good person.

What if you changed your mindset?

  • What is a sale is a service?
  • What is a sale is helping someone?
  • What if a sale is the transformation?



Why? Let me tell you why…


Write that down



So, if you (or your client) get a book or a course for free, how long is that product going to sit on the shelf (or back burner)? In other words, a FREE product has no derived value.

This is how psychology works:


Why does this matter? If you really internalize this and understand what we pay for we pay attention to – you are going to be highly motivated to make some sales.


What there is less of – we desire more.

This is the Principle of Scarcity. So what does scarcity mean?

Scarcity means – “I don’t work with everyone! I say no to most people – not always, but sometimes…  just being honest.”

There was a time I would take any client because I wanted clients. I was committed to eating by using coaching as a business.

But these days I only work with the people I most want to work with. And if you are going to be a powerful influencer:


Write this down – I MUST BE SELECTIVE


As long as you say “I will work with anyone” – you will attract no one.

But if you say “I work with a very specific type of person”, then you will attract people more easily… i.e. people that are like this and not like that, OR have these qualities and don’t have those qualities.

Here’s the Truth…



Most people think if I only work with an [x,y,z] type client, then I am limiting the type of people I can work with.

Actually the opposite is true.

Because if you say “I work with men and women age 25 to 55…  I work with anyone, employed or unemployed”. At that moment you are viewed you as a generalist.

CAUTION: No one wants to WORK with a generalist. And, people do not want to PAY for a generalist.

People WILL pay for the person that says

“I work with a 25 year old female who has grown her business up to 30K and wants to make six figures or else she is going to be completely miserable because she is broke and needs a business coach that can teach her how to generate leads, i.e. quality leads from people who need business training to convert leads into clients…  high ticket clients.”

This is known as being SPECIFIC.

If you are not specific, it is possible you will still work with high achievers that need business coaching. But if you are selective… describing a specific person’s problem – you are going to attract a larger number of people who are high achievers..

The more specific you are, the more attractive you are.

Write that down



And by attraction I don’t just mean physical attraction, I mean attracted to you and your community – i.e. they will desire to work with you.

The more specific you are about who you will work with and who you won’t work with, the more likely you are to attract the ideal client, i.e. a high achiever ready to take action in order to achieve their goals and grow their business.

As I stated earlier I am not interested in theory, I am interested in Action. SO what have you learned that will enable you to act differently? What did you learn in this section that has been most helpful?


If you can explain to a client their problem better than they can –


They WANT  to, and they HAVE to work with YOU!

If you can get inside your ideal clients head and show an understanding of their fears, pain and goals, they will want to buy.

And, if you can offer solutions and support through the training process, it is actually good for them. You have to understand – practicing this process is a service.


Write that down – 


When I can explain to my clients their problem better than they can, this is NINJA MARKETING.

So influence your clients for good – I want to leave you with that,


Remember it’s not just about posting your videos, it’s about the connection and specific helpful feedback, and service to your client.

Let’s get some MONEY in the bank and some clients TRANSFORMED!


When an ideal client engages with a post through a LIKE of Comment, here is what you send in a message to them.

  • Hey  ________________  , thanks for engaging on my recent post! So, I’m curious what was it about the post which led you to engage?
  • Cool, so just so we can get to know each other more, what are your business goals? (or fitness or weight loss or relationships or whatever you want to coach them on)


  • I see, so what income would you like to be making from your business? (if they didn’t answer in the previous question) (you can also use weight loss here).
  • So what keeps you from making it happen? What has held you back to this point?
  • Great, so if we were to meet 6 months from now, where would you really like to be in your life (health, body, business)?
  • Awesome! Well, I understand with what you want to do and think I could offer some support to help you. How about we hop on a 10 min call and I’ll learn more about you and offer some support. Does that sound good to you?
  • GREAT! So I’ll just call you right here through the app and we’ll chat.



You can change the first line to suit any reason to reach out.

Example #1

  • Hey thanks for the friend request              , I’m honored you sent one to me, thank you. So I’m curious, did we meet?
  • Great, so since we didn’t meet, tell me more about you, what are you up to in the world?

**THEN GO RIGHT INTO THE GOALS!** (See the 1st Script on This Page)

Example #2

  • Hey, I know we haven’t connected in a while but I’ve seen one of your posts lately and was inspired to reach out. How has it been going?
  • Great, so what have you been up to lately?

**THEN GO RIGHT INTO THE GOALS!** (See the 1st Script on This Page)



NOTE: This script is designed to sell a conversion system. However, you can edit it and use it to close a sale for any product or service.

Follow These Steps Before You Jump On The Call:  

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet room with no distractions or interruptions
  2. Use a headset so that you don’t have to hold your phone and can use your hands for expression
  3. Have a notebook and a pen during the call
  4. Make sure that you have printed out their survey and have it for reference
  5. Shut down electronics, FB, messengers, do not have any distractions
  6. Don’t bring any negative emotion to the strategy session.  Be calm and in control.   
  7. Make sure you call the moment the clock strikes for the scheduled time of the call
  8. Maintain control of the conversion, if you cannot gain or maintain control, then kindly hang up the call  

Pre-Qualification Script Introduction & Small Talk

Hello,  is this Jane?  Hi Jane, this is Michele Foster. I am calling you for our 1pm strategy session today. How are you doing today? Awesome.  

So you are in California, correct?  How’s the weather today?  We’re boiling  here in Chicago.  

Give The Direction Of The Call & Get Approval To Move Forward  

Well, first I want to say thank you for getting on the call with me today.  I know you had to set aside specific time to speak with me, but I’m really excited to see how we can help you and your business.  

Just so you are aware, I will be asking you some specific questions about your business, your goals and maybe problems you may be having so I can get a picture of what is happening right now in your business and see specifically how I can help you.  

By the end of this call, we should know that this conversion system is right for you and then we can move forward from there.  Sound good?  Okay great, let’s move forward.

Build A Picture Of Their Current Situation

  • First, can you tell me a little bit about your business?   
  • What do you offer?
  • Why do people buy your product or service?
  • Do you have a specific claim or promise that you can deliver?   
  • What is your average ticket price right now?  
  • Do you offer multiple packages?
  • Who is your dream client?
  • Are you currently working with your dream client or discount clients?  

Okay, thanks so much for all this information.

Increase The Pain Of Their Situation, ask a series of questions that get to the heart of their situation.

  • Do you know what your lead conversion rate is right now? (Make this relatable to your business. They are most likely not going to know any numbers).
  • Do you have a specific conversion system in place in your business right now? (Insert what you help with)  
  • Do you believe that this price should be higher?
  • Why do you believe it should be higher?
  • What do you believe has been your biggest obstacle to increasing your prices and implementing a conversion system?  
  • Is there any reason why you haven’t implemented a lead conversion system before?
  • Would you say that you thought maybe that you had a conversion system in place, but you just aren’t getting the numbers you would like to see due to losing too many prospects?
  • So should we say that maybe your biggest problem is just lack of knowledge on how to build a conversion system that works in your business?
  • You want to make sure they understand that they do not know how to do this on their own and they are going to waste time and money trying to figure it out.

Okay, I understand.  That is actually pretty common for most business owners that I initially speak with, which is again is why we are here to help you.  

Find Out Their Initial Reason For Scheduling The Strategy Session

  • Was there something specific on why you decided to contact me about learning this conversion blueprint?
  • Are you wanting to just learn some information from the call today, or are you really serious about building your business and increasing your income? If you get a good response, great! If you got a superficial response or anything that isn’t definite, then you have to dig a little bit:
  • So, tell me what you mean by that…. Can you tell me a little bit more about that…. What would make you not want to increase the profits in your business?  
  • Are you happy with what you are currently making?  (If yes), Then can I ask why you decided to contact me for a strategy session?   

Elicit Their Desired Result

  • Okay, let’s go a little further.  Let’s say you join my training, if we have a follow up conversation, 12 months from now, (insert however long your program is)  where would you want to have taken your business to?  
  • What I want to know is, exactly what it is that would make you over the moon happy?  
  • Is there anything else you would like to add? (always ask this question, because there is always more)  


  • Now tell me this, why is this so important to you?  
  • How would it change your situation now?  

I appreciate all this information so we can decide how we can assist you today.

Gain Commitment  

(If You Do Not Gain Commitment, Then Do Not Go Forward)  

So I have a feeling of exactly where you are, where would you say you are on a scale of 1-10 on really committing to  learn and implement a conversion system that can have you closing high ticket sales?

This is really important for me to know, because of course everyone wants to make more money, but not everyone is committed to learning and implementing.  

Does that make sense?  Okay great.  

So tell me, on a scale of 1-10 where is your commitment level on achieving your goals so we can know how to move forward?

If they answer “10” – Okay, awesome.  Now let’s get into how we can help you.

If they answer “less than a 10”Okay, what is keeping your commitment level to your goals low?

Overcome Objections

Okay, last question before we move forward – Is there anything at this moment holding you back from taking your business to the next level?

The Offer Okay – My area of expertise is helping ________ to _______ by ________.  (insert your message) I typically work with _________and I help them to _________. (You must be clear, concise and confident when presenting what you do.  Practice this until you can say it flawlessly.  You want your prospect to think, ‘that’s exactly what I need’.  So make sure that what you include is connected to what they have told you.)

Here you state what you do and how it works.  

NOTE: You will have to script this out, because everyone’s offer is different.  Do not give too much information, keep it to the basics, don’t give them the details of the program.  

We are not teaching them how right now, we are letting them know what we can help them accomplish.

Your prospect will ask questions, answer only the questions they ask, do not offer more information.  Just answer the question.  

Once they have their questions answered, you move to the close.  

If we have done everything right to this part, the close is easy.  Here is an example of stating what you do:

What I do is I go into your business and I see exactly what is happening in your sales process right now.  After I dissect what is happening, I will give you a clear plan of action on how to improve this situation.  I will build your scripts specific for your offer, I will build your upgrade and upsell options, I will help train your sales staff and even give you helpful information on how to hire sales staff.  We will get this moving quickly in your business so you start seeing more profits and stop losing prospects.

The Perfect Close

Okay, so let’s talk about how we get you started.  From what you have shared with me and because of the commitment level you said that you have for wanting to make these goals a reality, the best way for you to get started is in my ________ program (insert your program).

What is really amazing about this program is that I will be working along side you to not only achieve those goals but to make sure sure we don’t waste any time getting there.

In this program you will receive:

  • super awesome benefit #1
  • super awesome benefit #2
  • super awesome benefit #3
  • super awesome benefit #4

(it can be as many benefits as your program includes)

I have found that people who make decisions quickly always turn out to be the best clients and we get the best results together, so because of that, in this program, if you make a decision to join today, I will take $3,000 off the investment which will bring the price of this program from $8997 to $5997.00.

I have found that people who make decisions quickly always turn out to be the best clients and we get the best results together, my monthly fee is $2000 with a $2,000 1x setup fee, but if you make a decision to join today, I will waive your setup fee.”


They will say something like:

  • Well, how do we get this started?
  • What’s the next step?

“Okay, great.  We can get you started right now with a credit card over the phone.”

“What type of credit card would you like to use?”

Collect the details and CLOSE!

Stay calm, do not lose control when they say YES.

Overcoming Objections

If they say they have to think about it:

Can you tell me what is holding you back from making a decision today on reaching your goals?

Answers you will receive:

  • I need to speak to my spouse or business partner

Response:  Okay, when specifically will you be talking to your partner/spouse?  Perfect, so you will have spoken with them by tomorrow.

Awesome.  I will reach out to you by noon tomorrow and I will hold those savings until then.

If they can decide in 24 hours, we will set a specific time and give them till that time to get enrolled at the discounted price.  

  • I don’t have the money to enroll right now

Response: I understand that finances can be tight at this moment, and we work with many people in difficult situations.  If this is not something you are ready to commit to then that’s not a problem.

  • No, I want to do it

Response:  So then let’s make it happen.

  • I can’t afford it…

Response:  You shared with me throughout the call that you needed this to increase the profits in your business and turn things arounds.  So tell me, how is it that you are going to change your situation without this program?

  • I don’t know, or, I can’t

Response:  “So then let’s get you started”

  • I need some time to think it over…

Response:  I get that…and I encourage that.  I don’t want anyone working with me who isn’t sure of the results I can help them achieve.  

Can I ask, what haven’t we discussed that you still need to think about?

…That’s why I have set time for these calls, so I can answer your questions.  (Answer the questions)

So now that we have cleared that up, are you ready to get started?   

  • I’m not sure I am ready to make this type of commitment

Response: Do you mind if I ask, when you will be ready to start making these goals a reality in your life?  To be really honest, I have found that people who continue to think about it, never make the commitment to really make a change.  But, if this isn’t for you, then no problem.

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