You’re Always Selling: Where Do You Use Sales Skills in Every Day Life

Sales and selling have a bit of a bad rap these days – the idea has become synonymous with manipulative and pressuring behavior. However, we forget that we spend our days selling. Have you ever been in a conversation where you had a belief or opinion that differed from someone else’s? Have you ever had to convince your child to pick up their toys or convince your partner to take out the garbage? Have you ever had to convince a company to hire or promote you? Last week, we talked about what skills someone learns from a sales job: persistence, perseverance, discipline, punctuality, confidence, determination, persuasion, and negotiation, but, how do they relate to real-world scenarios?


As a parent, you are always selling and using sales skills. Parenting a child is a lesson in negotiation and persuasion, convincing your three-year-old that it is in their best interest to take off the Spiderman costume and have a bath or negotiating with your teenager for more responsibility in exchange for more freedom. However, parenting also utilizes your time management skills, your persistence, confidence, and determination.

Personal Life

If you’re part of the world of online dating, you sell yourself as someone who is honest, trustworthy, and worth the time and effort of the other person. As a salesperson, you are not only selling this idea, but you are also using the other skills you learned: confidence, punctuality, and perseverance after yet another terrible date.

Even if you’re not single, you are still selling yourself- As an ongoing long-term partner! Negotiating on what to have for dinner, who does which household chore, or what to watch on Netflix tonight. You are also using the perseverance and determination you learned on the job to work through the inevitable arguments or tough periods in the relationship.

Work Life

No one wants to remain stagnant in their career. Growth and movement are what challenges and reward you. Selling yourself to your company or a prospective company is essential to this growth process. You should view an interview similarly to a sales pitch, you are pitching yourself to the company, and they are selling you on coming to work for them. A meeting with your boss to discuss a promotion or a raise is a negotiation; you pitch why you are worth the new position or the added investment and then the negotiation process beings. Failing to be confident, persistent, and determined in your pursuit of growth will equate to a lack of growth.

The skills we learn from a sales job, persistence, perseverance, discipline, punctuality, confidence, determination, persuasion, and negotiation become an unconscious part of the way we present ourselves to the world. Making sure that you are comfortable and confident in the use of these skills will ensure success as you move through life.

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