About Michele

Michele Foster always believed in what society taught her; go to school, get a couple degrees, get a job, have 2-3 weeks of vacation a year and save up for retirement. 😌

And you know what, Michele also believes that you should not shame anyone for doing just that.  Because if that’s what makes you happy, then seriously, high five to you!! 👋

Not until someone was brave enough to show Foster that there was another way did she realize that things could be better for her.

Michele Foster finally found a career that produced passive income streams, while at the same time she was able to help others become healthier, and more financially secure. ❤

Passive income happens not only because you worked hard to build your own passive income streams, but also because you help other people build their own passive income streams.

Want to learn more about this business opportunity? Schedule a 10 minute call with Michele.

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