7-Day Reset

Whether you’re getting back into the wellness lifestyle, need a week of nutrient-dense meals, or want to look and feel your best before a big event, the 7-Day Reset is for you! This straightforward routine was created to help you get results in one week.

    • A simple, complete body reset.
    • Based on a clinically validated 30-day weight loss system.
    • Convenient system for maximum nutrition, help managing daily stress, and supporting natural detoxification.*
    • 12 IsaLean® Shake Packets in French Vanilla or Creamy Dutch Chocolate
    • 7 Adaptogen Elixir Bottles 
    • 4 Cleanse for Life® Bottles in Peach Mango
    • 3 Plant-Based Snack Bites in Cinnamon Roll Flavor
    • 7-Day Reset Guide with easy-to-follow instructions and tips

Results in just 7 days!

We designed this 7-Day Reset based on our clinically validated weight loss system. With this Reset, you can:

    • Burn fat
    • Fight cravings
    • Manage stress
    • Sleep better
    • Improve nutrition
    • Cleanse safely


    • A convenient, nutrient-dense meal that helps you feel satisfied longer.
    • Metabolism and lean muscle support from 24 grams of protein, including undenatured whey from New Zealand grass-fed cows.
    • Active enzymes to support optimal digestion.

Nutrition Facts: Creamy Dutch Chocolate
Nutrition Facts: Creamy French Vanilla
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    • Adaptogens help your body stay balanced in the face of stress.†
    • Helps support calming relaxation and better sleep.†
    • Natural rose-flavored sparkling kombucha in only 15 calories and 0 grams added sugar.

Nutrition Facts
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    • Gentle detox system support from botanicals, vitamins, and plant-sourced trace minerals.
    • Designed for Cleanse Days to support the body’s natural detoxification systems and help fight oxidative stress.†
    • Superplant botanicals for Cleanse Days including aloe vera, peppermint, turmeric, adaptogens, and berries.

Nutrition Facts
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    • Portion-controlled snacks packed with plant-based protein and fiber.
    • Satisfies Cleanse Day cravings without extra calories.
    • 110 calories sweet treat and 5 grams of protein to stay fuller, longer.

Nutrition Facts
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Source: isagenix.com

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