empowerment2Energy is about Endurance and the Empowerment that energy provides for life’s journey, both physically and financially.

Empowerment is about your financial journey. When it is YOUR life, YOUR way, when you are in control of YOUR lifestyle choices… that is when purpose-filled work becomes meaningful. And it doesn’t even seem like work!

Before, coming from a corporate environment, I did not understand what a passive income could mean. I even feared the boredom of not having a job, and, we were even a little scared of the idea of quitting our jobs – To what? For what? With what?

I knew that the stress of the work I was doing was killing me, and people around us. I knew that year after year of living with the stress would be hard to sustain. So I decided to explore the idea of passive income and see how it could improve the quality of my life.

With a driven personality and a sense of urgency, I was motivated to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Empowerment means to live… FULL TIME, to feel joy… FULL TIME, and to have purpose… FULL TIME.

The purpose I longed to find I now know is – service to others. I have this purpose without the need for approval, or a paycheck, or someone giving me permission to live, or to make a living, or end it. This has been the most empowering realization. I am living this realization constantly, at a deeper and deeper level.

The more people I serve –  the deeper my purpose and self-fulfillment.  The more financially secure I am – the more I  explore my true desires, beliefs, and joys.”

Pursuing a passive income is at times challenging and always exciting. It has been a mission and a destination that continues to drive me farther than I ever dreamed.

The level of energy that I have attained from proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, has empowered me to reach for my dreams; to serve on a playing field that is only for the willing… to do what others won’t so we can have and be what others can’t.

What makes that okay to say is that anyone can experience for themselves this empowerment and the freedom it provides. And, anyone can join me on this journey to experience energy, endurance, and empowerment… to achieve true freedom.

I an experiencing this freedom for the first time in my 50’s. Friends of mine are experiencing this freedom in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even into their 80’s. This freedom is here for anyone and everyone who can capture the vision.

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