Energy is about Endurance and the Empowerment that energy provides for life’s journey, both physically and financially. I am so grateful for every aspect of my life. Every day is filled with opportunities to learn something new and to decide how I can take these lessons and serve others. It is a fantastic ride!

Like many women all over the world, I spent a great portion of my life feeling lonely. One day I decided that I had been feeling sorry for myself long enough. I made a decision to get my life on track and spend the rest of my days empowering others to victory in their lives through their physical and financial health.

The first step was to get my own health on track by taking care of me. For a woman, taking care of herself is the most selfless thing she can do. When a woman is healthy she is a better lover, companion, friend, business person and leader. It took several years, but I did get the healthiest I have ever been emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The second thing I did was investigate, examine, and undertake a study of the miraculous human body. I found:


I am now paying it forward.

Energy . . . the word, feeling, and/or belief of energy has been calling to me my entire life. As a child, the story often told about me was that I had a lot of energy.  Lucky for me that I was given that belief system… one I choose to hold today.

In writing this book (with Kate) and sharing it with you, I intend to be precise with my wording and not take anything personally. Also, I will not make assumptions of anyone and will do my very best to communicate my heart!

Energy changes faster than we can understand – which is the power behind it  . . .

I will discover, and share with you, things as important as:

  • Muscular endurance exercises
  • Energy boosting foods
  • Empowerment from the financial chains that bind us – or passive income

You see, this is a journey – it is not a destination.  As I write this I experience my own paradigm shift of energy – it’s that powerful, and that majestic.

Believing you have energy is great, yet, sometimes we just feel tired. This feeling is synthetic… meaning – Not Real. When you are excited to be home, but not exhausted by your day; when your energy level is consistent from sunrise to sunset; when falling asleep, staying asleep, and rising out of bed rejuvenated… that is the energy I am connected to!

The number one cause for being so tired is fatigue. Fatigue can be the result of either internal stress (a physical condition caused by illness, allergies or lack of rest), or external stress (caused by your employment,  relationships, or financial hardship).

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