Life is incredibly fast-paced, full of ups and downs, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. We spend our days jumping from one thing to another and longing to catch a break. When there are so many different things that urgently seek our attention, it can be challenging to keep in mind what matters. Let’s narrow that down a little, shall we? It can be hard to focus on what TRULY matters. Sure, we know which of our tasks, commitments, and goals are the most time-sensitive. But do we know which crucial things we should stay focused on because they REALLY matter in life?

The bigger picture can be harder to grasp if you’re used to hustling your way through life. It’s easy to get caught in the daily grind hamster wheel. But today, we’re here to remind you to think BIG PICTURE. Because let’s face it, if we don’t focus on what really matters, our whole lives turn into an autopilot mess. When you know what truly is important for your future, your daily tasks become less burdening and more motivating. It helps you shift your mindset and stay focused because you know what you’re working towards! That’s why we decided to dedicate this post to our favorite tips to keep in mind what’s actually important. Keep reading to learn how to focus on what really matters!

How To Focus On What Really Matters

Expand your thinking and gain perspective.

So many times we get caught up in things that don’t really matter or serve us. These can be emotions, relationships, work environments, or even habits. So think bigger to gain perspective. When something happens that impacts moments in your life but have no real long-term consequences, remember that and keep your emotions in check. For example, if someone cuts you off, in the span of your life is this really something to be upset over? Did it impact your life? Or just a brief moment? In this episode of TSC Him & Her, Ed Mylett shares some really great tips for expanding your mindset to gain perspective.

Think about the things you can’t live without.

Sometimes in order to be able to focus on what matters, we need to think about what would truly impact us if we didn’t have it. The pandemic put this in perspective for a lot of people. For everyone it’s different, but the main ones that might come to mind are your health, family, friends, a roof over your head, food, & having things to do that you enjoy. So think about the things you absolutely cannot live without, and there you go! Those are the things that truly matter. Prioritize them above all else.

Listen to stories of trauma and triumph.

Something that really helps put things into perspective is to hear stories from people that have had both serious trauma and overwhelming success. We obviously recommend podcasts for hearing interviews from inspiring guests. But you can also read autobiographies, and biographies, watch documentaries, or read novels. The goal here is to expose yourself to stories that help put your life and the things you care about into perspective. To help you focus on what truly brings joy and pain in the world and hopefully bring gratitude to you as well.

Eliminate distractions.

You can’t focus on what matters if you’re constantly being pulled in different directions by time-sucking, waste of energy platforms, people, and situations. So do your best to eliminate distractions. Does seeing every single post on Instagram really matter? Do you need to watch every TikTok dance video? Should you refresh your email every 30 minutes to see if someone needs you. Or is that a waste of your time? Find a way to eliminate distractions for specific periods of time so you can focus on what really matters.

Learn how to prioritize important tasks and work towards big goals.

As much as we’d like to pretend that daily to-do’s aren’t a part of the big picture, they are. There is something to be said for chipping away little by little to enhance your career, business, or brand, you get the picture. So remember that those little things do matter long term, and just get better at prioritizing what truly moves the needle. Each day, week, & month it’s important to know exactly what needs to get done to move you toward your big goals! Pick three time-sensitive tasks to tackle in the morning or as soon as you start work. Have a few larger goals for weeks, months, and years. Keep in mind that these tasks don’t have to be work-related. You can always dedicate the mornings to your passion project or other personal goals. Just make sure this doesn’t force you to pull an all-nighter later on!

Dedicate a day to spending time with your loved ones.

It’s no secret that spending time with your friends and family benefits your mental health and overall well-being. Studies show that family relations have a direct impact on an adult’s health. And everyone can tell that time with friends makes you feel so much happier! If you want to listen to a show that has a huge emphasis on family bonds, head over to THIS episode of With Whit where Whit is joined by her sisters for an emotional rollercoaster. You can start by dedicating a day of the week to seeing your loved ones. Though if you have more time, try to find micro-moments throughout the day to connect with friends and family!

Have a crystal-clear version of the future you’re working towards.

You will never be able to focus on what really matters if you don’t get clear on your goals for the future. Where do you want to be in life? What are some tangible goals that can get you there? Ask yourself these questions if you want to understand what matters moving forward with your life. Make a vision board, write it down, have reminders of your vision strategically place in your home, in a work binder, calendar, etc. You can get creative with this. But making sure that you know exactly what you’re working towards allows you to have the motivation to focus on getting there.

Ignore what doesn’t really matter.

Knowing what matters isn’t enough if you want to stay focused. You also need to know how to push away anything that doesn’t serve you and your goals. Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible to be able to dedicate most of your time to what matters! Get out of your comfort zone and embrace growth. Yes, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. But your future self will thank you for it! If you have a little voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough or deserving, work on giving that voice less mental attention. You can also listen to THIS episode of Because Of Life about feeling deserving of the life you want.

Set aside at least half an hour of the day just for yourself.

Remember, YOU matter. So setting time aside just for you is absolutely something you should focus on if you’re trying to focus on what matters in life. You need to show up for yourself each and every day! Otherwise, you’ll forget about what’s important to you, and the tips above won’t be as useful. If you don’t focus on what matters the most, you’ll have trouble achieving your goals! So set aside at least half an hour for you to recharge and reset every day. Maybe this is part of a morning routine. Maybe it’s just setting aside time to read a book. You pick what works best for you!

How do you focus on spending time on what really matters?

We hope this post helps you learn how to focus on what really matters! We know it’s tough to ignore all the noise and distractions and stay grounded on the things that will move you forward. But if you follow these tips and get clear on what you want to accomplish, you’ll find yourself much more in-tune with the life of your dreams. Remember you can always check the rest of our Dear Media blog to find more personal development tips and inspirational posts. Now good luck focusing on what really matters. You’ve got this!

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