Striving to achieve stretch goals will test everyone’s limits. Here are a few ways to keep you motivated and resilient:

1. Break them up

Turn lofty objectives into short-term, more easily achievable milestones. Track individual tasks and build a roadmap with smaller deadlines to feel more organized, focused, and aware of steady progress. And celebrate every accomplishment to keep yourself and your teammates excited and motivated.

2. Seek diversity

Accomplishing goals outside your wheelhouse requires gaining fresh perspectives from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Turn to team members, managers, and leaders within your organization and colleagues from other industries to understand how everyone approaches problem-solving.

3. Be realistic

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t meet a stretch goal. These goals are all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone — not marking a task off your list. Be honest and realistic about what can be accomplished in the short and long term.

Push yourself to learn from the process rather than rush to the finish line.

Big ideas, significant results

A stretch goal is an ambitious destination — the real objective is learning as much as possible along the way, even if you stop early.

Try not to get overwhelmed when setting lofty goals or receiving them from management.

Enjoy pushing yourself past your limits and achieving more than you’d thought possible while gaining new skills and learning from your experiences, including any failures, to gain more personal and professional growth.

Source: ~ By Madeline Miles ~ Image: Canva Pro

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