In the rapidly evolving eCommerce world, videos play a significant role, be it about a brand advertisement or precise product description.

If you want to stand out in the commerce market, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors. While they follow mainstream marketing strategies, you can leverage the power of video marketing to make your product or brand popular among shopaholics.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy used by businesses to market/promote their brand, products, or services through a video form.

Though video marketing has been the trend for quite a while now, many eCommerce businesses do not pay much attention to it or say overlook its benefits.

Benefits of Video Marketing

In this write-up, I have explained why you need to adopt the video marketing idea in your online business. Let’s find out.

1. People Pay More Attention to Videos

People are more inclined to watch videos than reading texts. With too much content being posted daily on the Internet or social media, people avoid reading long pieces of information. They find it boring and time-consuming.

Wouldn’t that be great if they could get the entire information through a few minutes of video? I mean, I would be glad if someone could sum up the entire story in a short clip rather than asking me to go through heavily written content.

Videos capture more attention than text or images, and this marks it one of the primary benefits of video marketing.

2. Video Brings Higher Conversions

A great thing about videos is that they build a sense of trust in people. There are higher chances of a prospect turning into a customer if your product pages contain videos for a brief description of the product.

As per the stats collected by RenderForest, 70% of marketers feel that video converts better than any other medium. Also, explanatory videos increase the conversion rate by 20%.

The inability of customers to touch and examine a product makes the role of visuals highly important in a customer’s buying decision. Though high-quality images also do this job to an extent, videos give a more realistic feel.

Therefore, it is suggested to have an explanatory video for most of your products. Want to easily add videos to your product pages? Try out the Product Video module by Knowband.

PrestaShop Product Video Addon

OpenCart Product Video Extension

Magento Product Video Extension

Magento 2 Product Video Extension

You could try adding videos to your landing page or in the banner section. Introducing your brand to your visitors through a video could leave an excellent impression.

3. Google Gives High Preference to Videos

Even Google understands that suggesting videos to people on the search results page can be more beneficial to them regarding their search queries.

You will surely come across a separate videos section on the SERP if it matches your search query. Let me help you a bit more.

I searched for PrestaShop Return Manager and the search engine displayed a video section right below the first result.

Video Marketing for PrestaShop Return Manager

Imagine the wide organic reach it will receive if the keyword has high competition.

Put your videos on YouTube. Optimize them for SEO by giving them an SEO-friendly title and description, and then embed them on your website.

Google owns YouTube. If it decides to put your video on the search results page, you can get higher traffic, more views, and more leads.

4. Video Could Bring Your Brand in Limelight

Last year, HP released an amazing video for their Diwali marketing campaign, which swiftly caught the attention of the netizens and went viral all over social media. It connected people emotionally and got huge shares. People heaped praises on HP for such a wonderful message they spread through their videos.

This is the potential of video marketing. It can make your brand popular overnight and put it in the limelight. This is one of the huge benefits of video marketing.

But this would need a creative mind, out-of-the-box thinking, and a message that could connect people. If you tick all this perfectly, you can leave the rest to the audience. They will do the needful for you.

5. Video Builds Credibility

Though, as already mentioned videos help develop trust inside customers, video marketing is an effective way to build brand credibility.

People do not put their trust in a brand easily. A number of online hoaxes taking place daily and the availability of too many eCommerce businesses have made people think twice before believing in a brand.

Videos ensure that your target audience is briefed clearly about your brand. You can have a video about your company, about your work culture, about your vision. This will surely assure customers that you are an authorized brand and not any fake agency.

6. Video Builds Brand Awareness

Video Marketing helps in building brand awareness

Adding to the benefits of video marketing in eCommerce is it helps to build brand awareness. Through videos, you can educate your customers about your products, brand, offers, and whatnot. It is the simplest way to catch your visitors’ eyes.

Also, if you can pay for advertising on YouTube, it would give a huge boost to your brand. A billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Imagine the popularity of your brand, when a video displays your Brand Ad.

7. Videos Have a Huge Role to Play in M-Commerce

Video Marketing mCommerce

More than half of the consumers watch videos through their mobile devices. And do you know mobile makes up to 40% of the global watch time on YouTube? Ever since the rise in smartphone users, engagement towards video has grown significantly.

Mobile users are more likely to watch videos than desktop users. This means higher mobile traffic and higher mobile sales.

Consumers feel more attached to videos when watching via mobile than on the desktop. So, utilize the power of video marketing and grow your eCommerce revenue.

The Bottom Line

Video Marketing is not limited to a few benefits. It has tons of pros and hardly any cons. Video Marketing is here to stay for a long time now. It provides you with a number of opportunities to globalize your brand.

I hope these 7 benefits of video marketing helped you understand why video is needed for businesses today. If you liked this information or have something to add to this piece of content, feel free to leave a comment below.


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