It seems almost useless to emphasize how traveling makes us citizens of the world and opens us up to see other realities with new and different eyes. What really matters is how to enjoy your trip. Because in fact, a trip implies not only visiting places, but learning something about them, and above all about ourselves.

So here are six small tips to transform our travel experience and make it better.

1 – Apps are your friend
The best modern trip starts from an app. Apps from websites like TripAdvisor have been instrumental to inform people about the good and the bad of travel destinations, so your smartphone and its apps become your best travel buddy! And while you are online you can also employ it for every other use – for work or for entertainment. Among many others, gaming apps are always a good thing to install on your smartphone. With casino apps like the one from Unibet, travelers can play online casino slots in PA, no matter where they are. The only things needed are a smartphone (or any other mobile device) and an internet connection.

2 – Choose a destination you’re not familiar with
We often keep going back to places where we’ve had a pretty good time. But enough is never good enough. You have to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, as new situations and inspirations can have a rejuvenating effect on your life. You will come back invigorated and more purposeful. So, try to think of a place you’ve never been and would love to see – and go there!

3 – Plan meticulously
Planning well what to do when you get to your destination helps you not miss anything important. So, read some blogs or travel guides before you leave and write down the essential details so you don’t forget anything. By the way, some travel apps can help you in this sense: download them on your smartphone and use them to have a “travel diary.” In addition, good planning will allow you to save on ticket prices.

4 – Remember to try to get lost
That is, within your planning, also find moments of complete creativity. For example, spend a few hours wandering around the cities, exploring places tourists don’t usually visit. And remember, if you don’t have your smartphone on, there are still paper maps to get your bearings if you get lost!

5 – Get up early
Even on vacation, you don’t have to lounge around: you can do that on the weekend. However, when you get up early, you’ll be able to make better use of your limited time, and see more things, perhaps without having to deal with the masses of tourists who concentrate on places to visit in the late hours of the day. Your photos will also look better with fewer people crowding them.

6 – When in Rome…
The old adage is still relevant: when you’re in a place, don’t act like a tourist, but live how the local people live. This means going out, mingling with the people, dealing with the local culture and cuisine – and being respectful of what you see and open to understanding it. If you do that, your knowledge won’t stop at just a few photos, and you’ll be a traveler, not just a tourist.

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