Nutritional cleansing has always been a unique part of Isagenix. Routine Cleanse Days are truly at the heart of some of the greatest health benefits attributed to weight loss with Isagenix.

Now, recent research at Skidmore College increasingly suggests that Cleanse Days—in combination with Shake Days—could increase the chance of a healthier, longer life. They do so by improving metabolic and cardiovascular markers including insulin sensitivity and arterial health.

If there’s one takeaway from the most recent two-phase Skidmore study it’s this: Isagenix has made it easier for you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and age well.

Cleanse Days (an intermittent fasting day primarily comprised of drinking detox-promoting Cleanse for Life) and Shake Days (an example of calorie restriction by exchanging two meals a day with high-protein IsaLean Shakes) were key to this success.

Signs of Better Aging

In the initial 10-week weight-loss phase, all of the 43 men and women on Isagenix products lost weight. With that weight loss came significant drops in visceral and total body fat along with improvements in metabolism and insulin sensitivity (1).

These findings give further validation for Isagenix product use related to weight loss. Previously, another study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago had come to similar conclusions that the Isagenix system was superior when compared to a heart-healthy diet (2,3).

In addition, in the Skidmore College study, subjects had a 10 percent improvement in arterial flexibility and blood flow suggestive of better cardiovascular health (1). It’s an excellent finding considering that, as some scientists say, “you’re only as old as your arteries.”

The Skidmore study went further. It was one of the first studies to ever measure an increase in circulating toxins as a result of an intervention combining calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. The noted increase in the circulation of toxins is an essential first step in detoxifying and eliminating these harmful compounds from the body (1).

Long-Term Success

By extending the trial for a full year, the Skidmore College researchers became the first to evaluate the long-term benefits of Isagenix. It’s this type of research that most other companies only dream of and rarely decide to invest in.

As part of the second phase of the study, the Skidmore College researchers divided the original weight-loss subjects into two groups. One they allowed to continue using the Isagenix system with less stringency for a more “real life” compliance scenario. The other group was assigned a heart-healthy diet. Both groups were counseled by registered dietitians.

The final results from the study (still currently in progress) are months away. However, hints from the preliminary findings at six months shared at Isagenix Celebration by the study’s lead author Paul Arciero, Ph.D., show that, so far, results are no less impressive for Isagenix than what they were at 10 weeks. The study’s findings are to be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals in the future.

Sneak Peek at the Results

One of the key findings is that the metabolic and cardiovascular improvements observed during the weight-loss phase were either maintained or improved. Moreover, the results suggest that individuals using the Isagenix system maintained a higher metabolism deemed essential to prevent weight regain. In addition, these subjects continued to improve both their arterial flexibility and also continued to release more stored toxins from fat tissue.

As far as optimizing health long term, all the evidence suggests that Isagenix promotes weight loss, followed by long-term weight management and cardiovascular improvement. And once again, cleansing is key.

What is it about cleansing that allows for successful weight loss and maintenance, and improvement to overall health? Scientists are only beginning to understand the power of this dietary practice that does everything from activating longevity genes to stimulating pathways in the body that increase autophagy (the body’s way of clearing out old cells to make room for new), to enhancing the activity of the energy-producing centers in cells—which leads to improvements in circulation, cardiovascular health markers, cognitive health, and reduced oxidative stress (4-9).

By incorporating Cleanse Days and Shake Days on an Isagenix system there’s no need for deprivation as with many mainstream diets. Regular healthy eating patterns, even including indulgent meals and favorite comfort foods here and there, can still be followed. Cleanse Days allow for real-world living, and when performed on a regular basis will help to maintain a healthy weight and improve health to increase longevity.

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