Dang time flies, chill in the air, dark at 6, it’s Fall🍂🍁

The Roundup:
13 days til 🎃 , 37 days til 🦃 , 68 days til 🎄 …
We are in our “Holiday Season”.
October is cooler🍃🍂🍁.
Our bodies get hungrier🙊 – they desire to put on extra layers.
We wear more clothes.
The average weight gain 📈 during the holidays is 8 pounds.🐷
Let’s not do that to ourselves…let’s allow our bodies to thrive. 👙💪

When we give our bodies what they really desire, they will do what they are supposed to do. 🙌

May we/our families/our friends have a healthy and happy holiday season.
May we be strong and flexible.
May we look and feel our best.

We can help you keep it all in check while others will start to naturally expand – get it done with the right tools, private coaching, and tons of support.
Yes 👉deserve!

Michele Foster

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