Isagenix Jingle Juice

Looking for a refreshing drink to cool down with this Christmas? Isagenix has you covered with its delicious Jingle Juice.

PREP TIME 10 mins ~ TOTAL TIME 10 mins


 4 Scoops Juicy Orange AMPED™ HydrateOR
 4 Scoops Lemon Lime AMPED™ HydrateOR
 2 Scoops of each
 1 cup Cranberry juice
 1 cup Cranberries
 1 Lemon, sliced
 1 Orange, sliced
 4 cups Sparkling water


1. Mix all ingredients in a large punch bowl with ice.
2. Stir until fully dissolved.
3. Enjoy!
4. Please note, the Isagenix Jingle Juice drink is only for people aged 16+

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