What is a ‘freedom lifestyle’ and why would you want one?

‘Freedom lifestyle’, what does ‘freedom lifestyle’ even mean? This is a term I wasn’t even familiar with until a few years ago but even then I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me. Too many limiting self-beliefs. Freedom lifestyle is for ‘other’ people, braver, smarter, cleverer people who know exactly what they want. ‘Other’ people who know how to do business. I grew up believing I would be successful if I got a University degree. So I did.

A long time ago I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Podiatry) and have always worked for myself solving peoples foot problems. Am I successful? It depends what you think defines success. I draw a weekly wage as a sole trader, live a comfortable lifestyle and work part time. That all sounds rosy and I enjoyed Podiatry for a long time, contributing to peoples happiness by solving their foot and leg pain problems.

Working part time meant I had freedom to some extent. To spend time with my family and see friends inside the normal 9-5 hours. In the last half a decade it has meant I could mountain bike for 2 hours a day and race competitively, when travel allowed it. It didn’t give me an income to do as I would like to and I stopped loving what I did. I still work as Podiatrist and I love helping people. I just know that there is more. That I am here on the planet to help people realise they can have a freedom lifestyle too.

Without awareness I was on the treadmill of life. Week in, week out doing the same thing. Mostly happy but not aware there could be more. A life with less stress and more freedom. I was sick of the stress I felt when every bill arrived or holiday came around and I had to take (unpaid) time off work. Would there be enough money to pay for it all? I never had clarity over where the money was going. That is no way to live and it is a long way from freedom.

Blogging introduced me to another world. A passionate world full of self-belief. People, similar to me, out there doing what they love and enjoying a freedom lifestyle. What a revelation! Attending the Problogger Event conference in Australia, two years running instilled a new level of self-belief.

If ‘they’ could do it, so could I.

So what is the freedom lifestyle, why do I want in and why should you join me?

A freedom lifestyle means living a life that is self-designed. Saying yes to things you love and no to things you don’t. Where you choose what is going to be part of your every day and how you spend the one hundred and sixty-eight hours you have each week.

You have a choice how you spend your time.

Yes, some of it is non-negotiable but you have a choice the majority of it. We are solely responsible for how we fill our days and change is possible. Having a freedom lifestyle means choosing to fit in more recreation in every single day, where ‘work’ is what you love and doesn’t consume your life.

My goal is to live relating to how I want to feel. With a freedom lifestyle I will go to bed every night with a satisfied smile on my face, feeling peaceful and delighted with life.  I want to know that I am fulfilling my purpose on this planet and I am inspiring other people to do the same. I want that for you too. It won’t happen overnight and it’s not a destination like a train station, where you arrive and that’s it. It’s a journey and I’m in for the ride.

What are you going to do so you can join me on the journey to a freedom lifestyle?

I’m starting by designing my week and adding more of the fun stuff that I love doing. I’m also setting a ‘one thing’ I want to achieve each year that’s a BIG thing to help me towards living a freedom lifestyle. You can read about the challenges I face saying yes to more of what I want here. They might be challenges you face too. I’ve thrown is some solutions for you to overcome those challenges and join me on the journey to a freedom lifestyle. Doing this together is going to be fun. It’s going to take both of us outside our comfort zone and it’s ok because it’s where the magic happens.


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